Friday, 31 December 2010

Bombus - Biblical

Swedish Bombus (Bumble bees) to their untitled debut album captured the six spot on the Tune Of The Days album list for 2010. Bombus play in the same school as Witchcraft, Graveyard and Blowback ie groovy '70s hard rock.

The album is packed with heavy, staggered guitar riffs, many mangling drums, melodic enmeshed in a 70-century packaging. I think you can see a little Motorhead and Killing Joke when you call the seams.

The album is produced by Per Stalberg (Division of Laura Lee) who is doing a great job of picking out the good from the cake.

This is an excellent debut album from a band that will go far, very far, I hope, for this I like and already looking forward to the next record.

Bombus can easily connect to the year's best albums list, a collection of heavy songs that liven up the otherwise a bit dormant genre.

I wrote a review on "Bombus" on WeRock and gave the rating 8/10, read about it here.

More info @ Official Bombus MySpace

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ztizze said...

Rock on ! Happy new year ! Metal is the law ;) och så tar vi några groggar på det :)

Stones said...

Tack du :)