Monday, 6 December 2010

Kalle Moraeus & Orsa Spelmän - Underbart

Did a gig yesterday and this my friends are waaaay beyond my taste of music, but I just had to get it in.
This little balled fat man is totally super funny and he can play all kinda instruments and sing and he is a great comedian as well.
I had a ball!

He is called Kalle Moreus and with him it was a guy called Bengan.
and they invited a bunch of folk music guys, (2 of em are Kalles brothers)
They are called Orsa Spelmän and Kalle is playing with them normally.
They know their stuff and they play it good.

Its a bit cool, a big Swedish star, the piano player and singer in the
group ABBA, Benny Andersson got to know these guys and then he
started to do some gig with them and they are pretty known now
here in Sweden. Playing on the Royal family birthdays etc.

Anyway here is a tune from Kalle and his Orsa Spelmän.

Peace, Thetania

This is a video with the other guy that was in this show, "Bengan" he is the man with harmonica (The girl singing is Jill Johnson)

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Woddsmanfred said...

Så du har jobbat med Steve? Måste varit en skön upplevelse! Vad jobbar du med?

Amanda Looma said...

Lyssna på Lilla Sällskapets nya låt "Snart"

Micke said...

Visst är det och en oslagbar trio. :-)

Thetania said...

Woodmanfred: Steve ?, eftersom vi är 2 som skriver denna blogg, vill jag först fråga vem du pratar med?

Sedan svarar jag på din fråga som gäller oss båda... Stones och Jag
(Thetania) jobbar med konserter.
Gör allt möjligt runt det.

Amanda: Skönt band!!

Micke...ahem ja just det du svarar på en post Stones skrev på din blogg.
Det är synnerligen en skön trio! said...

Check out the new album here: