Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Deep Purple - Child In Time

Im in nostalgic mood today.
So I choose this great tune ;)

Mmm the bridge in the middle is soo good.

I tried to see if they are doing any tour atm but
i think Ian Gillan is going out in Europe on his
own in the beginning of this year.

A guy asked me witch years I like the most in Purples
history and I have to say the Gillan years although
David Coverdale, Glenn Hughes are great singers and writers.
I dont know so much about Joe Lynn Turner but Ian Gillan talks to me.
Im sorry to say that his high tones disappeared last years.

I do miss Jon Lord!!

Nowadays the line up is as following:
Ian Gillan on vocals
Steve Morse on guitars
Roger Glover on bass
Ian Paice on drums
Don Airey on keyboards.

In my youth I really was crazy about em.
Remember sitting in my cabbage at the summer house.
With 8 or 9 friends listening on this song among others,
and we were maybe 14-15 years old. The smoke from our cigarettes
went out through the window...and suddenly my father peaked in
with a Grinchy look on his face and said: 10 guys gets the hell outa
here, and then somebody (not me haha I was deadly terrified) said
we are only 8 or 9 hahahaha that was soooo wrong.
He ran into my door and yelled and trowed us out..
Haha wot a memory, I was laughing my ass off later.

Ah well Enjoy this one then.

Grooovy, Thetania

One of the tunes that I love the most... Child in Time.

And this is great as well..
This video was new for me and i sorta like it.

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Fredrik said...

Child in time är en av världens bästa låtar. 8)

Thetania said...

Håller med till 100%!!!
God Jul på dig!