Monday, 13 December 2010

Suicidal Angels - Bleeding Holocaust

Suicidal Angels were formed in early 2001, a time when founder Nick Melissourgos was only 16 years old. Suicidal Angels is touring in Europe as we speak on a tour titled THRASHFEST. It is a marvelous line-up, fans of the 80ties metal-warriors get a watering mouth: Germany’s unique thrash metal superior KREATOR occupies the headliner slot, followed directly by the two historical cult-combos of the San Francisco Bay Area – EXODUS and DEATH ANGEL, both will present their brand-new albums during this tour. Catch your breath again: This stunning, unholy trinity of thrash will be supported by the Greek newcomers of SUICIDAL ANGELS, who reached to win the RTN award in 2009 and still is on top with their debut-album “Sanctify The Darkness”. No doubt, an oversized “Thrash Til’ Death” is preprogrammed!

This supreme package of tough guys made a visit to Sweden for a concert at Debaser here in Stockholm a few days ago. I had actually never heard the band before so it was really a pleasant surprise when the band got up on stage, kicked off and that damn swing they had, driven melodic, fast and furious thrash metal that got more of Debaser audience jaw-dropping, including me. Suicidal Angels were the band that opened up the "Trash Fest" at Debaser and I thought that these Greeks made a clearly brilliant job and made me check them out a little extra care, have popped their latest album on Spotify and it actually sounds really good.

I managed to snap a picture anyway:) Here you have a bit of professional pictures, enjoy!

Here is some pictures taken by Soile Siirtola

Todays tune "Bleeding Holocaust" is taken from Suicidal Angels latest full-length album "Dead Again", which was released 19.11.2010 via NoiseArt Records, enjoy! More Thrash tomorrow!

Album Trailer

Suicidal Angels Setlist:

Reborn In Violence
Bleeding Holocaust
Dead Again
Violent Abuse
Beggar of scorn
Final Dawn

More info @ Official Suicidal Angels Website or at MySpace

spotifyListen to "Suicidal Angels - Bleeding Holocaust" on Spotify here!

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Fredrik said...

Va fan. Det här måste jag lyssna på igen.

Men... Det heter tHrash. 8) Inte trash. Det är stor skillnad.

förlåt. Jag är sån. Jag ska skärpa mig.

Stones said...

Hehe shit vad snabb du va, upptäckte själv att bilden blev lite tokig, har fixat det, samt din anmärkning, rätt ska vara rätt.

Lyssna, det tycker jag verkligen att du ska göra, deras album finns på Spotify om inte annat.

Fredrik said...

Jag har inte spotify. Då hade jag aldrig rest mig från datorn. 8)