Friday, 1 October 2021

TEKE::TEKE - Meikyu

TEKE::TEKE is a 7 piece band featuring a Shinobue (traditional Japanese Bamboo flute), a Taisho Koto and a trombone alongside fuzzy guitars and a rhythm section to create a sound reminiscent of 1960’s – 70’s era psychedelic Japanese soundtracks, while remaining undeniably modern and punk. Their debut album entitled "Shirushi" (or ‘signs of great changes to come’) takes you through a vast array of imagery with themes of identity, spirituality, rebirth and the profound exploration of oneself.

TEKE::TEKE was first an homage to legendary Japanese guitarist Takeshi ‘Terry’ Terauchi and has quickly evolved into a band of its own by blending Japanese ‘Eleki’ with elements of modern music such as shoegaze, post-rock and noise. The band is a cocktail of 7 musicians from well known Montreal projects (Pawa Up First, Patrick Watson, Boogat, Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra and Dynamo Cleoptara).

Serge Nakauchi Pelletier ...Lead guitar & additional vocals
Hidetaka Yoneyama ...Rhythm guitar & back vocals
Mishka Stein ...Bass
Ian Lettre ...Drums, percussion & piano
Etienne Lebel ...Trombone & back vocals
Yuki Isami ...Flute, Shinobue, Taisho koto, Koto, Shamisen & keys
Maya Kuroki ...Vocals

Today's tune "Meikyu" by TEKE::TEKE, from the album "Shirushi", released May 7, 2021

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