Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Redscale - It's A Death Cult, Baby

Berlin Based REDSCALE's third album "The Old Colossus" will be released October 15th. The album is an impressively tight and powerful contemporary stoner rock/metal milieu that everyone should own in their collection.

REDSCALE are melodically massive and as meticulously well-produced as it is played, “The Old Colossus” gives us a riveting account of fight or flight to a destination unknown, through a crumbling world to a place of new beginnings and shelter from the storm. An emotive maelstrom of whaling riffs and huge cordage chug along with massive hooks and a beastly rhythm section driving compelling vocals which communicate a gripping urgency and chorus that’s chant worthy to the max.

“The Old Colossus” was recorded by Jan Oberg at Hidden Planet Studio and Roland "Role" Wiegner at Die Tonmeisterei. Mixed and mastered by Roland "Role" Wiegner at Die Tonmeisterei. Artwork by Sepsyz Art.

Christian Reuter (Guitars), 
Henning Claussen (Vocals/Guitars), 
Martin Stabler (Drums), 
Grant Price (Bass).

Today's tune "It's A Death Cult, Baby" is the third singel taken from the new album "The Old Colossus" that will be released through Majestic Mountain Records on digital/CD/vinyl on October 15th. Enjoy!

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