Thursday 12 October 2017

Thåström - Körkarlen

Yesterday did Thåström start his upcoming tour to support his latest album release "Centralmassivet", the premier was at Lisebergshallen, Gothenburg. I was one of the lucky invited to be able to leave the homebound and take a trip to Gothenburg to see this live.

I must say, that the premiere of Thåström was a magical evening, he has become a giant in his own genre. He has set an almost impossible standard for others to follow, far from any commercial rules.

The show is just perfect and very unconventional in the whole, it's very dark and deep, but full of energy with a lightning that is cut with an precision that you lose words, well done Brown. The sound is loud with an very Industrial feeling. nice to see you on the road again Björn Lehnberg. The show was mostly based on the last two albums song vise, so no reason to complain, on the contrary.

Foto: Evelina Andersson Ericsdotter

Tunes like "Körkarlen", "Jag är en idiot" "Fan fan fan" were just stunning, see all the tunes below. "Pimme" goes round in circles in a characteristic way, as we are getting used to by now. The fingers flutters during his walks and when he stand still, he hangs on the stand as it would have been a resting pillar. After the show I got invited to take part in the after party, great to meet old friends like Brown, Brenge, Roos, Lehnberg, Wallinder and get the chance to give "Pimme" a big thank you for a magical evening.

Today's tune "Körkarlen" is the latest single from "Centralmassivet". Regi, production, clipp, postproduction: Svante Loden/Kabalen AB

Here is a Live clip from Lisebergshallen 11 oktober 2017


1. Bluesen i Malmö
2. Beväpna dig med vingar
3. Jag är en idiot
4. Gräsfläckar
5. Låt det goda
6. Kort biografi med litet testamente
7. Körkarlen
8. Fan fan fan
9. Det enda du behöver
10. Ingen sjunger blues som Jeffrey Lee Pierce
11. Old Point Bar
12. Kom med mig
13. En vacker död stad
14. Karaokebaren
15. Stjärna som är din

Encore I
16. Centralmassivet
17. St Ana katedral
18. Alla vill till himlen

Encore II
19. Aldrig av med varandra

Upcoming tourdates:

Göteborg 12/10,
Karlstad 13/10,
Örebro 14/10,
Stavanger 20/10,
Oslo 21/10,
Sundsvall 27/10,
Luleå 28/10,
Eskilstuna 1/11,
Norrköping 2/11,
Kalmar 3/11,
Trollhättan 4/11,
Kristianstad 8/11,
Köpenhamn 9/11,
Malmö 10/11,
Linköping 11/11,
Jönköping 12/11,
Helsingfors 15/11,
Uppsala 18/11,
Stockholm 19-22/11,
Falun 24/11,
Västerås 25/11,
Stockholm 26-27/11.

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