Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The Royal Ruckus - Let Me Tell You

THE ROYAL RUCKUS is a blues rock quartet from Landskrona, Sweden, that delivers us a really fatlip with their groovy blues rock.

Since their start in 2012 they have released 3 EP’s and the 4th is set to be released on November 6th. The have played sold out venues like The Tivoli (Helsingborg, Sweden) and Kulturbolaget (Malmö, Sweden).

THE ROYAL RUCKUS consists of Guernica Mancini that fronts the band with a strong, soulful vocal delivery. The steady hand on the guitar and the riff maker is Oscar Ericsson together with the
prominent rhythm section of Linus Sörensen on the bass and Martin Larsen on the drums. All together they give us a really groovie piece of classic 60s/70s style blues-rock.

THE ROYAL RUCKUS will charm anyone with their blues influenced groove and their rough soulful melodies. 

Linus Sörensen (Bass), Oscar Ericsson (Guitar), Guernica Mancini (Vocals), Martin Larsen (Drums)

Today's tune "Let Me Tell You" is taken from their latest single release.

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