Tuesday, 6 October 2015

GYZE - Black Bride

The Japanese Melodic Death Metal band GYZE is a completely new discovery, with notable Neo-Classical influences, from Tokyo, Japan. It's almost like YNGWIE MALMSTEEN goes death metal, you get the drift.

GYZE was formed in April 2011 after a name-change from SUICIDE HEAVEN.

They have released two albums (Fascinating Violence (2013) and Black Bride (2015)) and one E.P (Without Hesitation, 2011).

The band is comprised of three members: Ryogi (Guitar & Vocals), Shuji (Drums) and Alta (Bass).

The old, former member Shogo (Bass), which was part of the band (and in SUICIDE HEAVEN), left the band in 2013 after the release of their first full-length album. The reason is unknown and no official statement from the band or any of its members have been made regarding his leave. Alta took his place soon after being featured during a live house in the same year. For the albums Fascinating Violence and Black Bride they had a guest vocalist Claudio Ravinale (vocalist in the band DISARMONIA MUNDI) on most of the included songs.

Today's tune is the title track from the album "Black Bride", released 9th June 2015.

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