Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Intelligent Music Project III - Sky

Stars shine more brightly
The closer I get to the sky.
Life shows politely
It’s worth livin’ when you fly

That's the first line on the brand new tune from the upcoming album "Touching The Divine" with INTELLIGENT MUSIC PROJECT III. A project featuring members like John Payne, Simon Phillips, Joseph Williams, Nathan East and Tim Pierce

"Touching The Divine" is the third studio album from Intelligent Music Project and the second all-star line-up, creating a remarkable infusion by its author and producer’s musically erudite and unconventional style, and the full creative input of the legendary musicians. The production features session aces Simon Phillips (drums and percussion), Nathan East (bass) & Tim Pierce (guitars), and the remarkable voices of John Payne (ex-ASIA) and TOTOs Joseph Williams, who bring their own flavor to all 14 equally outstanding pieces in the album.

The bands overall musicianship blends impressively with the complexity of musical arrangements, including unforgettable symphonic expansions. Matching the classic rock energy and instrumental charge with his lyrical patterns, rapt and diverse music theme development is the signature style that propels this all-star project of Milen Vrabevski, author and producer of "Touching The Divine".


Simon Phillips - drums and percussion
Nathan East (appears courtesy of Yamaha Entertainment Group) - bass
John Payne - lead & backing vocals
Joseph Williams - lead & backing vocals
Carl Sentance - backing vocals & ad-libs, lead vocal part on track 7.
Tim Pierce - guitars
All: Invaluable full creative input!

Producer’s note:

The Icarus legend is no longer applicable if you learn to live for the others. The status of care is THE flight of your soul whose wings no heat could melt. Then you float down the mainstream of your ability to be in constant spiritual satisfaction. You would not need a fortune-teller then – you will know all the answers about your life. It becomes purposeful – an open door to understanding its meaning.

Today's tune "Sky" is the second tune out from the upcoming 3:rd album "Touching The Divine"

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