Monday, 15 June 2015

Ironbird - Hard Times Light Shines

Monday, New week and it's time to introduce this week's "Record Of The Week"

Record Of The Week is "Black Mountain", the latest release on "Transubstans Records" from the Swedish band IRONBIRD.

IRONBIRD was formed by Magnus Jernström (MANGROVE). With a perfect blending of skilled musicians and visions, IRONBIRD manages to create a unique mix of the 70's best era along with the heavy days of the 90's.

"Black Mountain" is classic hard rock album with it´s roots in the seventies retro genre, the record is crammed with heavy boiling riffs, doomish sound and pounding rhythms. The vocals are slightly like Ozzy Osbourne. While their influences are a familiar mix of BLACK SABBATH hard rock and 90’s stoner rock. It's energetic and full of spirits, also a handful of psychedelia. The songs have a great substance and are backed up with skilled musicians.

I highly recommend the astonishing début "Black Mountian" with IRONBIRD, perfect for fans of classic Hard Rock.

My copy of Black Mountain.

IRONBIRD consists of:

Magnus Jernström - Guitar
Rasmus Jansson - Vocals
Fredrik Schönbeck - Bass
Magnus Arndtzén - Drums
Jonas Edler - Spirit, Percussion

Todays tune is the smoker "Hard Times Light Shines", enjoy it!

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Chief Rebel Angel said...

Bra platta!

Stones said...

Ja visst är det så. Gillar den skarpt!