Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Pagan's Mind - Hallo Spaceboy

Today is Thetania birthday and of course we celebrate that with a tune of a band she loves, hurrah hurrah.

From Skien, Norway we find one of Thetanias favourite progressive metal heads PAGANS MIND. A band that have released five studio albums, and the current line-up is composed of founding members only, kinda impressive I must say.

So today's tune is all for you Thetania, Happy Birthday Love, enjoy your day!

Todays tune "Hallo Spaceboy" is taken from the fourth album "God's Equation", released on November 9, 2007. The tune was co-written by David Bowie and Brian Eno. Bowie wrote the song in mostly-improvised sessions with his band in 1995, and intentionally wrote it with a NINE INCH NAILS-like vibe. Of the track, Bowie said "I adore that track. In my mind, it was like Jim Morrison meets industrial. When I heard it back, I thought, 'Fuck me. It's like metal DOORS.' It's an extraordinary sound."

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