Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Hong Faux - Valar Morghulis

After 3 weeks on the road with the lads in Hong Faux, I can tell that I still feel a bit thrashed but happy that I was able to accomplish it, this was the second time I'm out with the guys and I had really a great time with loads of Laughs and many new friends. The Danish team that we teamed up with was really a well oiled machine and great to work with and most of the time the work went so smoothly that you sometimes wondered where the day vanished.

The tour took us true the hole Germany with a detour to Austria and Switzerland. In other words, I have visited a lot of amazing places, seen a lot of strange and odd things, eating things that I can not even pronounce.

In Germany did I have a lot of fun or at least the lads had it, especially with my German, it really sucks big time, as for an example, when a street have a name with the German "ß", i read it as a B :) , or when I thought our hotel was on "Einbahnstraße" which really means that it's a One-Way Street. Haha, I have been serving alot of Humor, but also received plenty :)

Here are a few of all the pictures to took during the trip.

A photoshot in the deep forest of Austria

Nik live somewhere on the road


A real guitar pose with "Jill" in his hand.

The hole band in Action, live in Hamburg

Even Nik got time to have fun in the audience :)

Two Guitar geeks talking pedals.

Pee break on the road.

Stigge & BQ

Laust & Daniel

Nik & Jesper

May the force be with you!
Thank you Ebensse

Todays tune "Valar Morghulis" is taken from the latest EP "Hello Neptune", the clip is filmed in Flensburg, Germany, the last show on the tour, enjoy!

Hong Faux are thrilled to announce that they are going back to Germany, Austria and Switzerland again before the end of the year! Here are the confirmed dates so far:

27.11.2014 Nürnberg, Rockfabrik
29.11.2014 München, Strom
01.12.2014 CH-Pratteln, Mini Z7
02.12.2014 Stuttgart, Goldmarks
03.12.2014 Frankfurt, Nachtleben
04.12.2014 Göttingen, Exil
05.12.2014 Köln, Small Underground
06.12.2014 Osnabrück, Bastard Club
07.12.2014 Hamburg, Marx
09.12.2014 Berlin, Magnet
10.12.2014 Hannover, Lux
11.12.2014 Brilon, Kump
12.12.2014 Bielefeld, Extra Bluesbar

More info @

Official Hong Faux Web

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