Monday, 12 May 2014

Valley of the Sun - Centaur Rodeo

New week and it's time to introduce "Record Of The Week", this week we fly to the Valley Of The Sun, Cincinnati, Ohio were we find the heavy blues-metal band with their latest record "Electric Talons of the Thunderhawk".

There is a smoldering hotbed of Rock and Roll in the most unlikely of places; Ohio. Some time ago, the Devil came to sew his seed throughout the state leaving every city with it’s own High Priests of Hellish Riffs. The congregation of Cincinnati’s Church of Rock and Roll is watched over by Valley of the Sun, and a well tended flock they are.

Riff after righteous riff is thrown from the pulpit with the fury of fire and brimstone, so come out to the Rock and Roll Revival , bring your offering and prepare to be anointed!


Electric Talons of the Thunderhawk (Electric Talons) is the first full-length release from the band and follows on the heels of two very excellent EPs, "Twothousandten" and "The Sayings of the Seers". Electric Talons follows up right where "Sayings of the Seers" left off with a composition of dynamic driving riffs and rhythms.

Valley Of The Sun consist of 3 gentleman where the lead guitarist and vocals Ryan Ferrier leads the trio with his role as front man. Mr Ferrier does an excellent part to cobble together well defined riffs and manages his vocal efforts brilliantly. His partners Ryan McAllister on the bass and Aaron Boyer on drums applies their skills to the band perfectly. With a great energy and smoothness do they team up to make the tunes sound great and deliver a great enjoyness to the listner.

If you enjoy heavy blues with shattering rhythms and soulful melodies, then this is something for you.

Todays tune "Centaur Rodeo" is taken from the "Record Of The Week", enjoy! 

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