Friday, 2 May 2014

Hjortene - Canada

Hjortene are a hard hitting rock band from Copenhagen Denmark. The music is filled with down tuned heavy stoner wibes, with a slab of punk rock. A genre that really suits my cup of thé and this is very good. Even if most of the tunes are in native language it suits the music perfect and I can understand at least some of it, huzzah!

Todays tune "Canada" is a great piece of work where the atmosphere has nice psychedelic touch that make you just float away! The tune also features Lorenzo Woodrose from the band Baby Woodrose on guitar!

Currently, the album is up for pre-order over at Bandcamp and they offer a vinyl edition!


Palle Hjort (guitar/vocal)
Claus Doomhammer (bass)
Kim of Death (drums)


Valient Himself (vocal)
President Fetch (vocal)
Lorenzo Woodrose (guitar)

Todays tune "Canada (feat. Lorenzo Woodrose)" is taken from the latest self titled album with Hjortene, enjoy!

Hjortene is danish for "Deer"

More info @

Official Hjortene Web

Sorry no Spotify yet, will update on release!

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