Sunday, 25 May 2014

Record Madness: I

Record Madness is a project between Metal blog and Tune Of The Day, a project that have now been running for some time.

In short, its based on a closer look at our record collection, and the rules are relatively simple.

There will be challenges between us. Everything is about to dive into the shelf and pick up the records with the letter which you have been challenged with. One tells stories, shows pictures, a little anecdotes, or anything that affects the character that is current at the moment. The posts ends with a challenge in the form of a letter from the alphabet sent to Chief Rebel on Metal blog. Then he makes the same thing with his record shelf (hey CD!) But with his twist and his angle on it before he sends back a letter. Then it all goes back and forth like a pinball machine, but in slow motion.

Everything started with "Chief Rebel" who dived into the letter "A", and wrote a mammoth post with lots of pictures of what was in his record shelf under the letter A. Then he has described what he has under "R","G", "U", "S", "T", "H" and now latest "E" (ARGUS THE)

Now we have come up a bit in the process and I have harvested both the letter "L", "Q", "B", "U", "D", "F", "E" and today we'll see what is hidden behind the letter  "I" (LQBUDFEI)

This time I'm really on it so you guys didn't have to wait for ages to see what's hidden behind todays letter. Even if i have had a really busy schedule I manage to take some time for this. 
Time to stop "Monkey About" and gets this party in short "I" is a pretty average letter, that contains a pretty big mix lot of artists and genres, "I" has a pretty good place to the right and still in a standing height in the record shelf, thanks for that, guess I need to crawl on my knees soon...haha.

Once I have browsed through the albums I quickly notice that it contains a really mixed output, but far off to be a complete set of records.  And as I always mention, I do miss some records as they are to faraway to be able to be here.

First out is Roy Samuel Reid or better known as I-Roy who was a Jamaican DJ who had a very prolific career during the 1970s. Here with the album "Don't Check Me With No Lightweight Stuff" (1997)

AOR band i-Ten with the record "Taking a cold look" from (1983)

American heavy metal band Iced Earth with the tenth studio album "Dystopia" (2011)

Here is a classic with the American heavy/glam metal band Icon, with the record "Night of the Crime" (1985)

The British progressive rockers in IF with the album "Not Just Another Bunch of Pretty Faces" (1974) 

angL is the second full length solo album of Emperor frontman Ihsahn. Writing began in early 2007, after Ihsahn had completed touring with Emperor. (2008)

American hard rock band from long island, New York, The Illusion with the records"Out of the mist" (1977) & "If It's So" (1970)

Between 1968 and 1977, Randy's Studio 17 was the site for some of all-time greatest reggae recordings including seminal albums by The Wailers and Burning Spear. Impact All-Stars, the album featured such influential musicians as Aston Barrett (bass), Carlton Barrett and Sly Dunbar (drums), Tyrone Downie, Earl Lindo and Augustus Pablo (keyboards) and Tommy McCook (tenor saxophone). With the addition of five previously-unreleased tracks, the album was reissued in 1998 by the British reggae label, Blood And Fire.

Kingdom of Conspiracy (2013) is the ninth studio album by American death metal band Immolation.

The Swedish rockers Imperiet with the albums, Rasera (1983), Kickar (1990), Tiggarens tal (1988), Imperiet (1984), Blå himlen blues (1985), Synd (1986), Imperiet (1988), 2:a Augusti 1985 (1985) & Du ska va president (1984)

Imperial State Electric is a rock band with the former front man of The Hellacopters Nicke Andersson. Here with the records Imperial State Electric (2010), Pop War (2012) x3, In Concert 10" (2011) and a bunch of 7"

Incredible Hog with the album "Volume One" (1973)

The (International) Noise Conspiracy (abbreviated T(I)NC) were a Swedish rock band formed in Sweden in the late months of 1998. Here is the album "The Cross of My Calling" (2008)

Norway´s most peculiar band "In The Woods" with the album "Heart of the Ages" (1995)

The  Swedish heavy metal In Solitude with the records In Solitude (2008), The World. The Flesh. The Devil (2011), Sister (2013) and the 7" Lavender (2013)

The Swedish Progressive death metal band In Mourning with the albums Monolith (2010) & Shrouded Divine (2008)

The Swedish melodic death metal In Flames, yes this is Thetania's favourite band. Here is the albums A Sense of Purpose (2008), Come Clarity (2006), Sounds of a Playground Fading (2011) and A Sense of Purpose - CD (2008)

The Canadian rockers Indian Handcrafts with the album 
"Civil Disobedience For Losers" (2012)

Internal Void is a doom metal band from Frederick, Maryland with the record 
"Standing on the Sun"  (1992)

Intronaut is a progressive metal band from Los Angeles, California that incorporates complex polyrhythms, progressive rock, and jazz. Here is the fourth full length album "Habitual Levitations (Instilling Words with Tones)" (2013)

The Aussies INXS with the album Kick (1987)

The Incredible String Band (sometimes abbreviated as ISB) were a psychedelic folk band formed in Scotland in 1966. I got only two records at home with these guys and they are "The 5000 Spirits or the Layers of the Onion" (1967) & Hard Rope & Silken Twine (1974)

Iron Maiden, well I guess it is a must have in a rockers record collection. Here is 3 12"  Running Free, 2 Minutes to Midnight , Flight of Icarus and a Vinyl box set "Best Of The Beast" (1996)

    More Iron Maiden, here are the albums from top left "Killers" (1981), "The Number of the Beast" (1982), "Powerslave" (1984), "The Final Frontier" (2010), "Somewhere in Time" (1986), "Piece of Mind" (1983) & "Live After Death" (1985) 

Bon Iver is an American indie folk band founded in 2007 by singer-songwriter Justin Vernon. The band also includes Michael Noyce, Sean Carey, Colin Stetson and Matthew McCaughan amongst others. 

Here are the records "Blood Bank" (2009), "For Emma, Forever Ago" (2007) & "Bon Iver, Bon Iver" (2011)

Here is a collection of artist on the label Island, an excellent collection of good music!

A bunch of Imperial State Electric singles.

A few CD's Interpol - Interpol (2010), Billy Idol - Songs (1988), It's Alive - Earthquake Visions (1994), Iron Maiden - A Matter of Life and Death (2006) & Iron Maiden - Dance of Death (2003)

Here is a few signed CD's, from top left Incite, The International Noise Conspiracy, In Flames, Enrique Iglesias, Interpol & India Arie

3 pieces of 7" singles, In Solitude, The Incubators & Iron Maiden

Last picture contains Iron Maiden - Killers on CD, Karin Inde on CD & last one is a Cassette (MC) with Chris Isaak :)

That is the end of this record Madness
I really hope I got it all covered this time.
 Anyway, I hope it was an interesting reading.

Now we throw the ball to Cheif and challenge him in the letter "D",
it will be very interesting to see what he can come up with here, who knows, maybe some Dio I guess among others?
Todays tune will be posted later on this evening, based on the letter "I" of course and as it's sunday it will be a classic tune of one of the records that has been showed here, stay tuned.



Chief Rebel Angel said...

Whoa! Vilket spret - jag älskar det. :-)
Störst överraskning?
Att det inte fanns fler In Flames-plattor, med tanke på Thetanias favoritskap.

Nå. D. Som i Danzig, Deep Purple och Dark Tranquillity. Och en viss Dio. Blir kul!

Reber Ali said...

Härlig blandning.
Är väldigt avundsjuk för Iron Maiden & Imperiet,

Stones said...

@Chief Rebel Angel
Oh ja, spretigt värre.
Håller med angående In Flames, lite märkligt är det att det inte fanns fler i samlingen.

@Reber Ali
Tack. Misstänker att du saknar de jag har eller ?