Monday, 10 December 2012

Demonic Death Judge - Skygods

Monday, that means it's time to present this week's record, this time we glance across the channel to our dear neighbors in the East.

This week we offer some raw straight-forward Sludge/Doom/Metal with the Finish band "Demonic Death Judge". They have released an excellent collection of music since their inception in 2009. That include two EP’s and one full length album "The Descent".

Their latest creations "Skygods" picks this week's trophy, an album loaded with great riffs stretched over 8 lovely tracks. The band are not afraid to experiment with their already set sound, which means that the monotonous sound get a nice finish on the corners. Blending dark sludge, doom and stoner metal its detailed ingredient topped with a really angry vocalist that staggers forward as a wounded grizzly bear.

The Vinyl on this will be released on the 15 dec. Order it from here!

The members are:

Pasi Hakuli - Bass
Lauri Pikka - Drums
Saku Hakuli - Guitars
Jaakko Heinonen - Vocals

Todays tune "Skygods" is the title track from the 2012 album.

More info @

Official Demonic Death Judge MySpace
Official Demonic Death Judge Web
Official Demonic Death Judge Facebook

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Amazing stuff, thanks for this!