Monday, 17 December 2012

Sara Bareilles - King Of Anything

Heya all, Long time ago.. Ive been into diffrent gig all between Hard dark rock to Light pop and to stand up comedians all in between...Im a very tired woman as we speak :D

But it has been fun..damn fun haha :D

Working in this business and being incharge its like being a troubleshooter solving all kinda problems.. Ill tell u another day !

The Record of the week is OFF for the year and will come back 2013 :D

Today I wanna share a tune that a sound tech used to test the PA system every fucking day on the tour i just came from, its not a tune that i usually listen to but its soo frecking hooking, Love it.

This lady Sarah, she is an American sing and songwriter that plays the piano,  that have a great feeling and a simpleness that just is so compelling...

She had a hit in 2007 with a tune called "Love Song" havent heard that...sounds weird gonna listen to much pop.. nope not hooking.

This tune comes from her 2010 album "Kaleidoscope Heart"

Wanna know more?
Check her homesite!

Ah well :D lets listen to Sarah :D

Cheers Dudettes and Duuudes !

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