Sunday, 17 May 2020

Dio - Shame On The Night

Sunday, time for a classic.

"Shame On The Night" is taken from the debut studio album "Holy Diver" by American heavy metal band DIO, released in 1983. Vocalist Ronnie James Dio had just finished his first tenure in BLACK SABBATH, whose drummer, Vinny Appice, he took with him to put together his own band. The roster was completed by his former bandmate from RAINBOW, Jimmy Bain, on bass and by the young guitarist Vivian Campbell, coming from the NWOBHM band SWEET SAVAGE. The album was acclaimed by the music press and is the band's most successful effort.

"Shame On The Night" is also released on the latest live album by DIO named "When Darkness Falls"

It's already 10 yrs since Ronnie James Dio left us, miss you man. So today's tune is in memory of him. Today's clip is filmed live in holland 1983. Enjoy!

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