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Record Madness: E

Record Madness is a project between Metal blog and Tune Of The Day, a project that have now been running for some time.

In short, its based on a closer look at our record collection, and the rules are relatively simple.

There will be challenges between us. Everything is about to dive into the shelf and pick up the records with the letter which you have been challenged with. One tells stories, shows pictures, a little anecdotes, or anything that affects the character that is current at the moment. The posts ends with a challenge in the form of a letter from the alphabet sent to Chief Rebel on Metal blog. Then he makes the same thing with his record shelf (hey CD!) But with his twist and his angle on it before he sends back a letter. Then it all goes back and forth like a pinball machine, but in slow motion.

Everything started with "Chief Rebel" who dived into the letter "A", and wrote a mammoth post with lots of pictures of what was in his record shelf under the letter A. Then he has described what he has under "R","G", "U", "S", "T" and now latest "H" (ARGUS TH)

Now we have come up a bit in the process and I have harvested both the letter "L", "Q", "B", "U", "D", "F" and today we'll see what is hidden behind the letter "E" (LQBUDFE)

That it this has taken some time is simply that the time was not there to be used for this, but it is what it is and this serial will take the time to go through was something we agreed in the beginning of this journey, mostly because of my profession that takes most of my time, but as they say, the one who waits for something good always waiting forever for it!  (:

Alright let's get it going. "E" is a pretty average letter, that contains a pretty big mix lot of artists and genres, "E" has a pretty good place to the left and still in a standing height in the record shelf.

Once I have browsed through the albums I quickly notice that it contains a really mixed output, kinda funny indeed. But like some other letters, there are a lot of holes to fill in. There a few records that not is displayed here, as they are standing in a box a long way from here and hopefully will be here in a few years :)

This time we start off with the digital media and going thru the pile of CD's that I have. And yes it's backward :)

First out from the top left is the Melodic Progressive Metal band from Budapest, Hungary, "Everwood" - Mind Games (2005), German band "Everon" - Fantasma (2000), Swedish "The Exploding Boy" - Exploding Boy (2007) and the supergroup "Explorers Club" - Age Of Impact (1998)

From top left we have the country-rock band "EZT" - Goodbye Little Doll (2003), "Evanescence" - Fallen (2003) & "Evanescence" -The Open Door (2006), A signed "Extreme" - Saudades De Rock (2008) and "Everlast" - Love, War and The Ghost Of Whitey Road (2008)

From top left a double album with "Eurythmics" - Live 1983 - 1989 (1993), "Eskju Divine" - Darkness All Around EP (2004), "Enigma" - The Screen Behind The Mirror (2000), "Roky Erickson" - True Love Cast Out All Evil with Okkervil River, "Stefan Elmgren's Full Strike" - We Will Rise (2002) and the British heavy metal band "Elixir" - Lethal Potion (1990)

Two Jazz records, first one is Duke Ellington with the CD The Far East Suite and the second is Bill Evans with Big Fun

Steve Earle is cool guy, here is 2 excellent records with him, Copperhead Road (1988) and a live recording from Austin (2004) this record is also signed by Steve :)

"Europe" - Bag Of Bones (2012),  the heavy psychedelic "Elf Power" - Back To The Web (2006) and a signed cover from Exodus

Steve Earles "I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive" (2011) , Heart On is the third studio album from American rock band Eagles of Death Metal (2008) and "Exodus" - Exhibit B: The Human Condition (2010)

A huge pile of signed stuff, contains albums with Entombed, Extreme, Eldkvarn, Europe, Electric Boys, Electric Banana Band, Lisa Ekdahl among others.

So time to dive in to the Record Shelf and see what we can find under the letter E among the real records!

First out from the left is the fifth studio album "Hotel California" by Eagles (1976), The Swedish glam rockers Easy Action with their first self titled album (1984) and Chris Eaton with the album "Vision" (1986)

Two records with the pioneers of drone doom "Earth", from left "A Bureaucratic Desire for Extra-Capsular Extraction" (2010) and the sixth full-length studio album Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light I (2011)

Here we have the Swedish punk band Ebba Grön with the albums "We're Only In It For The Drugs" (1979), "Ebba Grön" (1982) and "Kärlek & uppror" (Love & Uprising) (1981)

"Blood and Fire" (2010) is the third album by the British psychobilly band The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster.

 Various ‎– El Pea (1971) 
Contains band like Amazing Blondel, Traffic, Sandy Denny, Jethro Tull, Alan Bown, Mountain, Free among others

The Swedish funk metal band Electric Boys with the albums
Funk-O-Metal Carpet Ride (1990) x2 and Groovus Maximus (199)

Here is a bunch of records with the British rockers Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) from left
A New World Record (1976), Out of the Blue (1977), Discovery (1979), On the Third Day (1973), Part Two (1990) and Time (1981)

More records with "ELO" from left 
Eldorado (1974), The Electric Light Orchestra (1971), Secret Messages (1983), Olé ELO (1976), Xanadu (1980) and Face the Music (1975)

The doom metal band "Electric Wizard" from Dorset, England,
with two excellent albums "Witchcult Today" (2007) and "Black Masses" (2010) 

Here is a bunch of Jazz records where Duke Ellington albums are dominated on the letter E,  Ellington Moods (1978), Ella & Oscar (1976), Play The Blues - Back To Back (1959),  The Nutcracker Suite (1960), Duke Ellington Meets Coleman Hawkins (1962), Duke Ellington and His Orchestra (1960), New Orleans Suite (1971), Duke Ellington & John Coltrane (1963), The Popular (1966)

Emerson, Lake & Palmer (1970), Brain Salad Surgery (1973), Tarkus (1971), Live Puerto Rico 1972, Emerson, Lake & Powell (1986), Pictures At An Exhibition (1971), Trilogy (1972) and Works Volume 1 (1977)

The Norweigan progressive black metal Enslaved with the records 
Axioma Ethica Odini (2010), RIITIIR (2012) and Vertebrae (2008)

Two great records were the first is Swedens finest Entombed with the album "Clandestine" (1991) and The psychedelic rockers "Earthless" from San Diego with the album "From the Ages" (2013)

3 records, first on the left is the Norwegian black metal "Emperor" with the album "Prometheus: The Discipline of Fire & Demise" (2001), The Swedish Heavy Metal band "Enforcer" with the album "Diamonds" (2010) and "Entombed" with the record "Serpent Saints: The Ten Amendments" (2007)

Here is a nice signed copy of "True Love Cast Out All Evil" (2010) with Roky Erickson

 Here is a bunch of records with the rocking Swedes in Europe with the albums Almost Unplugged (2008), Bag Of Bones (2012), Wings of Tomorrow (1984) and Out Of This World (1988)

Here is two signed copys of Europe, A maxi single with the tune "I'll Cry For You" (1991) and "Prisoners in Paradise" (1991)

Here is three records with the Post-bop dude Bill Evans
Sunday at the Village Vanguard (1961), Moon Beams (1962) and Waltz for Debby (1961)

Here is one with the Scottish punk rock band "The Exploited" and the album Troops of Tomorrow (1982) were I do have some pretty good memories from, maybe one day I will tell the story behind this record.

Next in line is the American rock band, headed by frontmen Gary Cherone and Nuno Bettencourt in Extreme with the albums
Pornograffitti (1990), III Sides to Every Story (1992), Extreme (1989) and "Hole Hearted" Box version (1991)

Last out is Eyes with the selftitled album (1990), AOR powered by the voice of underated Jeff Scott Soto.

That is the end of this record Madness
I really hope I got it all covered this time.
  Letter "E" was really fun letter to go thru with a pretty wide spectrum of music.
Anyway, I hope it was an interesting reading.

Now we throw the ball to Cheif and challenge him in the same letter "E",
it will be very interesting to see what he can come up with here, who knows, maybe some Entombed I guess among others?
Todays tune will be posted later on this evening, based on the letter "E" of course and as it's sunday it will be a classic tune of one of the records that has been showed here, stay tuned.


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Chief Rebel Angel said...

Fasen vad mycket - och spretigt - det var under "E"! Kul, det är verkligen en ynnest för oss andra att få ta del av dina skatter i skivhyllan, och det var kul att du bände på CD/vinyl-ordningen.

Jag vet att E är en av de bokstäverna jag har ganska tomt i, så det blir roligt att de vad som kan skrapas ihop!