Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Massive - One By One

Sometimes one needs real classic heavy rock to perk up, the first thing you think about is of course some of the classic bands, like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden etc. sometimes it sneaks in one or another newcomer like this new heavy rock band from Australia, named "Massive".

Assembled from parts lying around Melbourne in 2012, Massive are a volatile macho-rock engine fuelled on adrenaline, lager and a determination to party hard. Known to travel thousands of miles across the baking desert between gigs, these riot-starting, fist swinging road dogs mean business.

The debut album "Full Throttle" is a breakneck all-killer-no-filler record which is brimming with attitude. Tracks like todays tune "One By One" fuses aggressive and anthemic choruses with eye-watering solos whilst the bass-heavy testosterone soaked ‘Dancefloor’ is more circle pit than ballroom.

Todays tune "One By One" is taken from the debut album "Full Throttle". “Strap yourself in and hold on tight – this reckless Rock’n Roll debauchery machine is about to riff your face off.”

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