Thursday, 18 April 2013

Sarah Dawn Finer - Kärleksvisan

A few days ago it was time for a new gig, this time it was Swedish Sarah Dawn Finer who would perform at the Circus here in the Stockholm. An artist that I think I run into quite often in different contexts, an artist that I personally probably never listen to or would ever think to do that. Not that I dislike what she does or stands for, it's just not my thing, but must admit that she sings incredibly beautiful. The show at Circus was something completely different than what I'm used to. This time it was "Sarah" who stood in the center, it was "Sarah" who was the star.  Her performance was excellent, almost as if I got goose bumps.

Sarah Dawn Finer, born 14 September 1981 in Stockholm, Sweden, is a singer, songwriter and actress. Her father is from the United Kingdom (London), and her mother from USA (New York), but she is born and raised in Sweden. Dawn is her middle name, and Finer her surname.

Anyway, this lady has made a song called "Kärleksvisan", I want to dedicate this to my wife "Thetania" who wears her hair off on Eurovision down in Malmö.


19 april – Halmstad, Teatern
20 april – Örebro, Conventum
25 april – Skellefteå, Folkparken
26 april – Luleå, Kulturens Hus
27 april – Umeå, Idunteatern
28 april – Sundsvall, Tonhallen

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