Sunday, 21 April 2013

Record Madness: U

Record Madness is a project between Metal blog and Tune Of The Day, a project that has been and boiled under low heat for a long time but now finally became a reality and have now been running for some time.

In short, its based on a closer look at our record collection, and the rules are relatively simple.

There will be challenges between us. Everything is about to dive into the shelf and pick up the records with the letter which you have been challenged with. One tells stories, shows pictures, a little anecdotes, or anything that affects the character that is current at the moment. The posts ends with a challenge in the form of a letter from the alphabet sent to Chief Rebel on Metal blog. Then he makes the same thing with his record shelf (hey CD!) But with his twist and his angle on it before he sends back a letter. Then it all goes back and forth like a pinball machine, but in slow motion.

Everything started with "Chief Rebel" who dived into the letter "A", and wrote a mammoth post with lots of pictures of what was in his record shelf under the letter A. Then he has described what he has under "R","G" and now latest "U" (ARGU)

Now we have come up a bit in the process and I have harvested both the letter "L", "Q" and "B" and today we'll see what is hidden behind the letter "U"(LQBU)

Alright let's get it going. "U" a little odd letter, is far down the record shelf, if you suffer from bad back, then it will not be so frequently that you will be checking out a record down there. Once I began to browse through these records, I discovered that I have some holes to fill in. For example, I don't own a single album with UDO, i mean nothing, samething goes with Ufomammut (however, they are on the shopping list) Unleashed also conspicuous by its absence, something needs to be purchased, tip on what tiles you should have received gladly, have I missed something else?

Here we have Ireland's pride U2, from left we have "Boy" (1980), "October" (1981), "War" (1983) and "Under A Blood Red Sky" (1983). A band that I liked big when I was younger, however, can not claim that these records are played quite often nowadays.

More U2, from left "The Unforgettable Fire" (1984), "Wide Awake in America" (1985), "The Joshua Tree" (1987) and "Rattle and Hum" (1988)

Here we got some more, from left "Achtung Baby" (1991), "Zooropa" (1993) and "Pop" (1997)

Here we have 3 bootlegs with U2, 2 "Rehearsels & Full Versions" (1991) and in the middle a live album "Higher Ground", this show is recorded on a rainy evening at Eriksbergs Shipyard in Gothenburg 6/6-87

And in this pile we have the English hardrockers Ufo, from left the debut album "UFO 1" (1970), "Headstone" (1983), "Strangers in the Night" (1979) and "Force It" (1975).

"Force It" cover art. For years the genders of the couple in the bath were unknown, and the nudity was on the verge of decency standards. The models were actually Genesis P Orridge and girlfriend Cosey Fanni Tutti, both later of the band Throbbing Gristle. The artwork was softened for the initial US release, making the couple in the bathtub transparent.

More Ufo, from left "Mechanix" (1982), "Making Contact" (1983), "Ain't Misbehavin'" (1988) and "Misdemeanor" (1985). 

Did you know that UFO's influence was strongly felt in the 1980s heavy metal scene and they have been cited as a primary influence of Steve Harris of Iron Maiden, Kirk Hammett of Metallica, Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, Frank Hannon of Tesla, and Mike McCready of Pearl Jam, among others.

Per Allan Magnus Claësson Uggla, aka Magnus Uggla, is a Swedish artist, composer, actor, known for his satirical lyrics. "Godkänd Pirat" (1981), "Livets Teater" (1976) and "Innan Filmen Tagit Slut" (2011) 

Here we got some heavier stuff, from left the Spanish Undercroft with "Ruins of Gomorrah" this is  a relly groovy-thrash that meets death metal. The album have some cool guests on vocals, like L.G. Petrov (Entombed), Mattis Kärki (Dismember), Tobias Sidegård (Necrophobic) and E. (Watain).
Next album is "The March" (2008), that is the fourth studio album by American metalcore band Unearth.

Now it's time to show some real nice vinyls from English rock band Uriah Heep, first the debut album "...Very 'Eavy ...Very 'Umble" (1970), The original vinyl release was a gatefold-sleeve, featuring David Byron on the front sleeve, almost unrecognisable beneath the cobwebs. (Amazing Cover).

The 2:nd album is "Salisbury" (1971) On the front of the album sleeve is a British Chieftain tank. The original LP release was a gatefold-sleeve, with a b/w picture inside of a British tank of the First World War, over which were printed Hensley's comments on each track. Later reissues would be in a single sleeve.

"Demons and Wizards" (1972) The original vinyl release was a gatefold sleeve, the front of which was designed by Roger Dean and contains a hidden erotic image of male and female genitalia. Two singles were released form the album: "The Wizard" and "Easy Livin'".

The 2:nd is "The Magician's Birthday" (1972) The original vinyl release was a gatefold sleeve, the front of which was designed by Roger Dean.

"Look at Yourself" (1971) The original cover art on the LP came in a single sleeve with a die-cut opening on the front through which a reflective foil 'mirror' was seen. This relates the cover art directly to the album title. 

The idea was that of guitarist Mick Box. Not being a perfect reflecting surface, one sees a distorted image of oneself. Indeed, this theme is carried on with the band photos on the rear of the LP sleeve, which have also been distorted.  If you look closely, you can imagine the contours of me taking a picture of the album

The song "July Morning" has become the inspiration for a Bulgarian Hippie tradition, known eponymously as July Morning.

From left "Uriah Heep Live" (1973), "Sweet Freedom" (1973), "Return to Fantasy" (1975) and "Live at Shepperton '74" (1974)

From left "Wonderworld" (1974) - (The album was the last to feature bass player Gary Thain, who was fired from the band in 1975, and subsequently died from a heroin overdose), 

"Conquest" (1980) - (1979-80 was a period of change for Heep, with John Sloman taking over lead vocal duties, Lee Kerslake bowing out from behind the drumstool, and main songwriter Ken Hensley ultimately leaving the band. Taken together with the commercial rock sound of the album, this is the most contentious era of Uriah Heep's history, with many fans believing Conquest is the group's worst record), 

"High and Mighty" (1976) - (This was the last Uriah Heep album to feature vocalist and founding member David Byron, who was subsequently fired due to his troubles with alcohol), 

"Head First" (1983) - (Bob Daisley left the group shortly after the album's recording to rejoin Ozzy Osbourne; on the Head First tour former Heep bassist Trevor Bolder rejoined the band, effectively replacing his replacement, and remains to this day),

Bottom row from the left "Equator" (1985), "Hold Your Head Up" (1989, "Blood Red Roses" (1989), "Different World" (1991) and "Sea of Light" (1995) - (Bassist Trevor Bolder sings lead on "Fear Of Falling" and gets his highest songwriting count on any Heep album to date)

Here we got some odd pieces, first a pop reggae album with UB40 - "UB44" - (1982) - (Did u know that UB44 was the Department of Employment form letter sent to British unemployment benefit claimants when they missed their 'signing on' appointment), 
The we have a Jazz/Fusion album with James "Blood" Ulmer - "Free Lancing" (1981)  and the last one is a Progressive rock album with U.K. - "Danger Money" (1979)

From left we have "Ursa Major" with former Amboy Dukes bassist Greg Arama and Dick Wagner released one self-titled album. Wagner was soon recruited for Lou Reed's band along with Steve Hunter.  Wagner is best known for his work with Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, and KISS. He also fronted his own Michigan-based bands The Frost and The Bossmen. "Blood Lust" - (2012) with Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats and the last one is the Doom Metal band Uzala from Idaho, with the self-titled album from (2012)

Three CD's with Canadian jazz fusion band UZEB. Odd but wonderfully swinging Jazz Funk.

Umar Bin Hassan is an African-American poet associated with The Last Poets. He sold his younger sister's record player to purchase a bus ticket to New York City, where he joined the Last Poets. In the mid-1990s, he recorded a solo album titled Be-Bop or be Dead on Bill Laswell's Axiom Records through Island/PolyGram Records.

Some Roots Reggae with U-Roy "Now" (2001)

From left we have the American hard rock band Unruly Child "Unruly Child III" (2003), Uriah Heep "The Lansdowne Tapes" (1994), From the bottom line, starting from the left we have the American rock group Union, featuring lead vocalist and guitarist John Corabi (ex-The Scream and Mötley Crüe), guitarist Bruce Kulick (ex-Kiss), bassist James Hunting, and drummer Brent Fitz (Slash). The last record is "The March" (2008), with Unearth (As I also have on vinyl, this is still wrapped in plastic, perhaps will draw it out or give it to some hardcore fan).

Here we have three bootlegs with U2 that I have on CD

The last batch we have some autographed CD's from the top we find the sleaze band "United Enemies", then from the left, we have Jukkis Uotila "Avendia" (1988), Some Swedish Stuff, Uriah Heep "Celebration" (2009) and a live recording with Union "Live in the Galaxy" (1999)

That was it, a moderate entrie, but with the right wide spectrum of music, one sees that there are a lot of holes that must be filled in, things that I have to work on. Hope it will be an interesting reading.

Now we throw the ball to Cheif and challenge him in the letter "S", that will be a little tougher match than the last time, probably think that there may be both the one and the other hiding under this letter that echoes both "Saxon", "Soundgarden" and "Satyricon". Furthermore, the letters that "Chief" have received during Record Madness form the name "Argus" which sounds like a title on a record, do you know which album?

Todays tune will be posted later on this evening, based on the letter "U" ofcourse.



Spader Ess said...

Imponerande samling som vanligt. Gillar UFO och Uriah Heep delen lite extra. Men det är ju som vanligt inte bara samlingen som imponerar, utan framför allt all kunskap runt skivorna.

Chief Rebel Angel said...

...håller verkligen med Spader Ess. Riktigt bra inlägg, igen, och det var ju en hel del som dolde sig bakom "U".

När det gäller min utmaning säger jag bara: nej, vet inte vilken skiva du menar med ARGUS, samt...S is a mess.