Friday, 29 March 2013

Thalamus - This house Is Going Down In Fire

Thalamus Is a Swedish 70's influenced heavy rock band. The band formed back in 2006 and have released 3 full-length albums and a 5 track EP.

Thalamus spawned in 2006 from former members of "Cryonic temple", "Kjell-Ronnys pop orchestra" and "Lavskäggä". Kjelle met up with Janne and Basse and formed Thalamus. A month later Peter joined the band. Out of this came the highly acclaimed cd "Beneath a dying Sun" Sadly Jan Cederlund and Håkan Danielsson left Thalamus 2010. They were replaced by Mats Gesar and Joakhim Åslund. The 2:nd album named "Subterfuge" was released in 2011. Inbetween that an 5-track EP "Sign here for nothing" was released. Last month thier latest recording "Soul" was released.

The music can simply be explained as: Beautiful, groovy, heavy and great riffing heavy Rock.


Kjell Bergendahl – Lead vocals, Guitar.
Peter Johansson – Bass.
Mats Gesar – Guitar.
Joakhim Åslund – Hammond, Keyboards, Vocals.
Sebastian Olsson – Drums, Percussion.

Todays tune "This house Is Going Down In Fire " is the first video from the new Thalamus album, "Soul" released by Transubstans Records in February 2013.

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