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Record Madness: B

Record Madness is a project between Metal blog and Tune Of The Day, a project that has been and boiled under low heat for a long time but now finally became a reality.

In short, its based on a closer look at our record collection, and the rules are relatively simple.

There will be challenges between us. Everything is about to dive into the shelf and pick up the records with the letter which you have been challenged with. One tells stories, shows pictures, a little anecdotes, or anything that affects the character that is current at the moment. The posts ends with a challenge in the form of a letter from the alphabet sent to Chief Rebel on Metal blog. Then he makes the same thing with his record shelf (hey CD!) But with his twist and his angle on it before he sends back a letter. Then it all goes back and forth like a pinball machine, but in slow motion.

Everything started with "Chief Rebel" who dived into the letter "A", and wrote a mammoth post with lots of pictures of what was in his record shelf under the letter A. Then he has described what he has under "R" and "G"

Now we have come up a bit in the process and I have harvested both the letter "L" and "Q" and today we'll see what is hidden behind the letter "B"

To my surprise, I discovered that there was a great deal of records under the letter "B". I actually had more records than I first thought, so today will be a gigantic post with lots of records.

Alright, here we go...

A black thing spinning on turntable, can you guess what's been playing here?

Here we have Chasing Rainbows with Baby Woodrose, 3 x The Babys, Baby Grand and "First base" with Babe Ruth.

Here we got 2:nd Street and The Band Plays On with the blues rock band Back Street Crawler. 
On the right we have Bachman Turner Overdrive with a signed copy of Not Fragile and Head On.

Here is the stack of Vinyls with Bad Company. From Left we have Burnin' Sky, Bad CO, Run With The Pack, Off The Records a Radio Special recording, Holy Water, Dangerous Age and in the middle Straight Shooter.

Here we have some cool Jazz records with Count Basie.

A stack of Russ Ballard records, do you know who he is? Well... he wrote, among other things, the song "God Gave Rock and Roll to You", Which would later be covered by Kiss. Another classic which he wrote for the band Rainbow, do you remember "Since You Been Gone"?
There are a whole bunch of classic songs that come from this man's pen. His solo work is actually really good, have you not heard it before, so check up immediately.

Here we have two vinyls "In for the Count" and "Balance" with an early rock band from New York that was known as "Balance", fronted by Illinois native, Peppy Castro, formerly of Blues Magoos. Other members included guitarist Bob Kulick, arranger and keyboardist Doug Katsaros, drummer Chuck Burgi, and bassist Dennis Feldman.

The group's most noteworthy release was 1981's "Breaking Away" from Their eponymous debut album.

Here are the bands image from the back of their debut, cool guys, right?

Here we have a bundle of tiles with the Canadian-American roots rock band "The Band", from left, we have Moondog Matinee (1973), Iceland (1977) & Cahoots (1971)

Here we have the two records that you have to have with these beards country rockers from Seattle, Everything All the Time (2006) & Cease to Begin (2007)

A stack of records with Scottish-born Australian rock singer-songwriter Jimmy Barnes. A guy that I liked crisp long ago, remember that on one occasion when he performed at the Stadion here in Stockholm with The Pretenders, these two acts were opening act for Bryan Adams. However, I went shortly after Bryan Adams started, it was among the most boring I've seen live.
Here we have three goodies with Baroness

Here we have a record from a time where this was exciting, different. I'm talking about Licensed to Ill, the debut album by the Beastie Boys, released in 1986.
It was the first rock rap LP to top the Billboard album chart.

Setting Shirley Bassey next Bathory is perhaps not as appropriate music-wise, but it looks a bit funny.

Here we have Mammoth (2011) & The Void (2012) from the Swedish progressive rock band Beardfish

A little surf music with the American "Beach Boys", a classic album "Pet Sounds" (1966), "Spirit of America" ​​(1975), "Little Deuce Coupe" (1963) and in the middle a compilation.

A fat stack of Beatles, from "Please Please Me" (1963) to "Live at the BBC" (1994)

4 records with the Swedish tenor king "Jussi Björling".
This is actually the only Opera I own.

A couple of records with the Icelandic Björk

Three records with the Internationally-renowned Scottish rock band "Big Country", wondering why I have these, never play them and will never play them.

Here we have a really odd record, a album filled with various dragster sound, a record that you can warm up with before you go out and spin with the Volvo in the parking lot. Haha.

Here we have have a couple of albums with the English rock guitarist "Jeff Beck"

Here we have three albums with The four-time platinum artist "Beck" who rose to underground popularity with his early works, Which combined social criticism with musical and lyrical experimentation.

Here we got a bunch of records with the supergroup "Black Country Communion". Formed in 2009, the band was a comp rising bassist and vocalist Glenn Hughes, guitarist and vocalist Joe Bonamassa, drummer Jason Bonham, and keyboardist Derek Sherinian.
In March 2013, after months of public tensions within the band, Joe Bonamassa announced that he was no longer a member of Black Country Communion, with the question over whether the group would continue with another guitarist unclear. Days later, Glenn Hughes confirmed that the band is officially over, hinting that he would continue working with Bonham and Sherinian under a new band name.

Here we got the only two records with the American rock band "Black Jack", active from 1979-1980, featuring Michael Bolton (who was performing under his real name, Michael Bolotin), Bruce Kulick, Sandy Gennaro and Jimmy Haslip.

A bunch of records of The Black Crowes, a band that really has meant a lot to me.

Two records with Zakk Wylde's heavy metal band Black Label Society.

Canadian rock band "Black Mountain" with the records "Black Mountain" (2005), "Bastards of Light" (2008) and "Wilderness Heart" (2010)

A lovely bunch of Sabbath, from the left, we see "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" (1973), "Black Sabbath" (1970), "Sabotage" (1975), "Paranoid" (1970) and in the middle "Master of Reality" (1971)

More Sabbath, "Live at Last" (1980), "We Sold Our Soul for Rock 'n' Roll" (1976), "Technical Ecstasy" (1976) & "Born Again" (1983) - signed by Ian Gillan

Even more Sabbath, "The Eternal Idol" (1987), "Seventh Star" (1986), "Tyr" (1990), "Dehumanizer" (1992), "Dehumanizer" (2011) & a box with Ozzy's years.

Know that I should have "Headless Cross", "Heaven and Hell" and "Never Say Die", is probably still in a box up in the north.

Here is "Deliver Us From Evil" (1982), "Nightflight" (1981), "Squawk" (1972) & "Never Turn Your Back on a Friend" (1973) with Budgie.

Budgie is a Welsh hard rock/heavy metal band from Cardiff. They are described by author Gary Sharpe-Young as one of the earliest heavy metal bands and a seminal influence to many acts of that scene, with fast, heavy rock (an influence on the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) and acts such as Metallica) being played as early as 1971.

Some albums with the classic band "The Byrds"

Here is two versions of "Super Session" that is an album conceived by Al Kooper and featuring the work of guitarists Mike Bloomfield and Stephen Stills, released on Columbia Records in 1968, CS 9701. Bloomfield and Stills do not play together on the album, with tracks including Bloomfield on side one, and those including Stills on side two.

Two records "Ahead Rings Out" (1969) and "Getting To This" (1970) with the British blues–rock band Blodwyn Pig, founded in 1968 by guitarist–vocalist–songwriter Mick Abrahams, after he left Jethro Tull due to a falling-out with Tull leader Ian Anderson.

Two obscure records "East-West" (1963) & "The Resurrection of Pigboy Crabshaw" (1967) by The Butterfield Blues Band.

Then we have two albums "On the Rocks" (1981) & "Baby Faced Killer" (1978) by "David Byron" who was a British singer and songwriter, best known as the lead vocalist with the rock band Uriah Heep in the early 70s.

Some shady Soul and Jazz albums.

A bunch of albums with David Bowie

From the left we have "The Fine Art of Surfacing" (1979) with the the Irish New Wave band "The Boomtown Rats" The group is led by vocalist Bob Geldof. A record with the Japanese experimental rock band "Boris" closely followed by two albums with "Boston", and finally the American rock band "Boulder"

A drove of albums, First in line is a soundtrack of James Bond, the second we jump over, do not even think that I'll tell you what it is :) The third and fourth are "Teaser" (1975) and "Private Eyes" (1976) with Tommy Bolin, the fifth record is with Hanne Boel and last in line is the Swedish Bombus.

Some Blues rock with Joe Bonamassa, from left, we have "The Ballad of John Henry" (2009), "Black Rock" (2010), "Dust Bowl" (2011), "Do not Explain" (2011) & "Driving towards the Daylight"(2012)

Here we find a bit odd "Live" record with Bon Jovi and two albums with "Bonham"

Two albums with the Swedish prog rock band Blå Tåget (Blue Train). "Brustna Hjärtans Hotell" (Heartbreak Hotel) (1972) & "Slowfox" (1974)

Two albums "Club Ninja" (1985) & "Agents of Fortune" (1976) with the classic band Blue Öyster Cult. Have a few more in a box up north.

Blue Note Jazz

From the left we find the "Parallel Lines" (1978) Blondie, "New Blood" (1972) with Blood, Sweat & Tears, Bridge 2 Far (1989) and two records with Michael Brecker

"Absolutely" (1977) & "Below the Belt" (1975) with Boxer, that was a rock band formed by keyboardist Mike Patto and guitarist Ollie Halsall in 1975.

The band was managed by Nigel Thomas who secured a five album deal over five years with CBS, reputed to have been worth £ 1.2million and was never fully executed due to Patto's death on March 4 1979th

Box of Frogs was a band formed in 1983 by members forms of The Yardbirds who played rock radio friendly tunes. "Box of Frogs" (1984) & "Strange Land" (1986)

The Alan Bown Set later known as The Alan Bown! or just Alan Bown, were a British band of the 1960s and 1970s whose music evolved from jazz and blues through soul and rhythm and blues and ended up as psychedelia and progressive rock.

From left "Outward Bown" (1967), "Listen" (1970) & "Stretching Out" (1971)

Here a pile of reggae, including Burning Spear, Black Uhuru, Glen Brown and others.

Here we have from top left, Buffalo Springfield x2, Bull Angus, Burning Saviours, Bumpers, Burnside, Eric Burdon and Grant Lee Buffalo.

Some more popish albums with Devendra Banhart, Beady Eyes, Ane Brun, Beirut, Blahzay, James Brown and The Black Keys.

Here are some more oddish album like Frankie Blau, Band Of Joy, Bang among others...

Bring Me the Horizon´s "There Is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let's Keep It a Secret" (2010) & Black Stoner Cheerys "Folklore and Superstition" (2008)

Some Swedish rock, from top left, Backdraft, Bear Quartet, Burst, Breach, Brutus, Bliss, Bullet and Blowback

Here we have some heavier stuff, Norwegian Burzum and the album "Filosofem" (1996) and
a box of Behemoth.

Here we got some cool stuff with Black Rainbows, Buffalo Killiers, Bedemon, The Business, Black Cobra and The Black Pyramids.

No comment here.

The last stack of vinyls contains the Polish blues rock band breakout the album "Na drugim brzegu tęczy" (1969).
Canadian doom metal band Blood Ceremony with the albums "Blood Ceremony" (2008) + Live 7 "&" Living with the Ancients "(2011)

Found some singles when I dug among records, Backyard Babies, Bombus, Black Sabbath & Bullet.

Sure there are some CDs too, but not many, but here are some.

However, I have lots of autographed albums that you have received over the years.
In this pile you can find Ane Brun, Belle And Sebastian, Broder Daniel, Boris, Baboon, Backyard Babies, Marit Bergman, David Bowie plus a few others. 

In this pile you can find Bullet For My Valentine, Randy Backman, Backdraft, Björn Bröder  :) Bush, Blindside, Bo Kaspers and Solomon Burke  

In the last pile of records can we find 2 more Bullet For My Valentine, Black Label Society, Solomon Burke, Conny Bloom, The Bravery, Babylon Boombs & Boots Electric

Panting groaning, holy shit what entrie it became. Hope it will be an interesting reading.

Now we throw the ball to Cheif and challenge him in the letter "U" which will be an easy match for him, but this is the calm before the storm, the next challenge will not be so easy :)

Todays tune will be posted later on this evening, based on the letter "B" ofcourse.


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