Sunday, 31 March 2013

Jade Warrior - A Winter's Tale

Sunday, time for a classic. Today, we throw ourselves into 70 century, 1972 to be more precise.

Last Autumn's Dream is the third studio album by British band Jade Warrior. The album, released in 1972, was well received, and yielded two singles, in A Winter's Tale and The Demon Trucker. Last Autumn's Dream was Jade Warriors first album to feature Tony Duhig's brother, David Duhig, who co-wrote The Demon Trucker with the band, as well as playing guitar on the track. David returned for the next two studio albums, and then again in 1984 (Horizen) and 1998 (Eclipse and Fifth Element).

The Last Autumn's Dream taking a step back to revisit “the wall-of-all-colors approach of their debut with a more surefooted and substantive instrumental approach,” featured mysterious-sounding, introspective instrumental tunes ("Dark River", "Obedience", "Borne on the Solar Wind") juxtaposed with melodic pieces like "A Winter's Tale" and "May Queen" and harsh rockers ("Snake", "The Demon Trucker", "Joanne"). For anybody just discovering Jade Warrior, Last Autumn's Dream is certainly the last of its truly essential albums".Taken as a whole, the first three albums saw the band creating and perfecting an innovative style, which (according to Dave Platt and Charles Wilkinson's biography).

Jade Warrior are a British group that were formed in 1970, originally evolving out of a band named July. The founding members were Tony Duhig (guitar) (born Anthony Christopher Duhig, 18 September 1941, Acton, west London; died 11 November 1990, Somerset, England), Jon Field (flute, percussion, keyboards) (born John Frederick Field, 5 July 1940, Harrow, Middlesex) and Glyn Havard (vocals, bass) (born 15 February 1947, Nantyglo, South Wales).

Todays tune "A Winter's Tale" taken from "Last Autumn's Dream" album.

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