Thursday, 14 February 2013

Aerosmith - I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing

Today its Valentines day in Sweden...

Lovely day, cos its not only ure love u gonna show ure love to, it could be all kinda people :D
U know a friendly smile to a person in the bus, let someone pass u in a cue...all those little things that u can do..these things one can do everyday, cos a smile back can make ure day.

I didnt buy a rose or anything to my Love "Stones" today, we decided to have a good dinner and a glas of whine instead..  The dinner was great, I cooked it  haha.

I choose Aerosmith .. thought it suited good !

I showed what I wrote to my 16 year old son...he thought it was gay  hahaha ahwell, It may seem so,
in the eyes of a youth but when ure getting older and wiser...seen all the shit and unfriendliness thats in the world. Its better to show love :D

Dudes and Dudettes, here is my love tune to U all and to my Family!

Love, Thetania

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