Thursday, 7 February 2013

Born Gold - Lawn Knives

Hey all, Ive not been around for awhile, and it will sure take awhile more until I will... Stones takes good care of u music hungry people so Im safe ;D

Ive got so much to do these days that I fail to visit u all here, Sorry ... Anyway....

Today Im gonna play something very odd for you...
Its pop or something band. Called Born Gold.

Born Gold is the Canadian pop experimentalist Cecil Frenas (formerly Gobble Gobble) high-energy. Caught in an unusual dialogue between future, electronic music and hard sound conjures Born Gold with stuttering, blown and shredded guitar riffs, erratic, bubbling synth broken chords, sparkling drum machines and bursts of processed digital noise. And hooks, lots of hooks.

Born Gold are performing tomorrow in Stockholm, at Debaser Slussen.

More info @ Homesite

Cheers, Thetania

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