Thursday, 10 May 2012

A Storm Of Light - Tempest

Apocalyptic metal band "A Storm of Light" is a band from Brooklyn, they play a nice mixture of "Doom Metal/Post-Rock".

Formed by multi-faced artist/musician Josh Graham, who has been a longtime visual collaborator of the band Neurosis. The band can be seen as an amalgamation of his other bands such as Neurosis, Red Sparowes and Battle Of Mice. It's Doomsday Dark, epic, massive. A Storm Of Light have become a whole new musical entity on its own merits, taking singer/guitarist Graham’s experiences from his previous musical repertoire and finding its own unique voice through the vessel known as A Storm of Light. The group is completed by bassist Domenic Seita, drummer Billy Graves and guitarist Andrea Black. Last album "As The Valley Of Death Becomes Us, Our Silver Memories Fade "was released last year. Domenic Seita also works as a Bass tech for Al during the Sleep tour.

Was only able to hear 1½ song live as i was late to the venue, the little I heard sounded splendid. Here is a few pictures from the show, not many.

Todays tune "Tempest" is taken from the second album "Forgive Us Our Trespasses" released 22 September 2009.

Upcoming Shows with Sleep:

05/03/12 Wroclaw, Poland, Asymmetry Fetival, with Sleep, Amenra and more
05/04/12 Copenhagen, Denmark, Amager Bio, with Sleep
05/05/12 Oslo, Norway, Betong, with Sleep
05/06/12 Stockholm, Sweden, Strand, with Sleep
05/09/12 Berlin, Germany, Berghain, with Sleep
05/10/12 Leipzig, Germany, Conne Island, with Sleep
05/11/12 Prague, Czech Republic, Lucerna Music Bar, with Sleep
05/12/12 Budapest, Hungary, Club 202, with Sleep
05/13/12 Zagreb, Croatia, Tvornica Kulture, with Sleep
05/14/12 Vienna, Austria, Arena, with Sleep
05/16/12 Rome, Itlay, Circolo Gegli Artisti, with Sleep
05/17/12 Cortemaggiore, Italy, Fillmore Club, with Sleep
05/18/12 Bern, Switzerland, Dahcstock, with Sleep
05/19/12 Dortmund, Germany, FZW, with Sleep
05/20/12 Eindhoven, Netherlands, TBA, with TBA
05/22/12 Glasgow, Scotland, The Arches, with Sleep
05/23/12 Dublin, Ireland, Button Factory, with Sleep
05/24/12 Leeds, UK, Stylus, with Sleep
05/25/12 London, UK, TBA, with TBA
05/26/12 Rouen, France, TBA, with TBA
05/27/12 Antwerp, Belgium, Trix, with Sleep
05/28/12 Munich, Germany, Feierwerk, with Sleep
05/31/12, Barcelona, Spain, Primavera Sound Festival

More info @

Official A Storm Of Light Web
Fritz's Corner Web

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Chief Rebel Angel said...

Joho, det där lät ju fint. Apokalyptiskt!

Stones said...

Ja det är inte dumt!