Saturday 5 May 2012

In Flames - Cloud Connect

 In Flames did their last club gig in Stockholm !
This was Greater that Greatest... Me and 4-500 others were in trance! The place they were playing in is a very small venue, the stage is even smaller than other venues around.
Approx 70 moving lights on this little tiny stage I was suprised the backline of the 2 bands could fit in. Yeah, the support band was a Swedish band "Port Noir". We will do this band later on, cos u just gotto hear em!

The vocalist Anders Fridén invited peeps to crowd surf and wow, Stones and his partner Nisse took many happy guys down that evening. It was so magic to see the closeness the band had with the audience. He could talk with them, know them by name...Take em up on the stage and let them video film the gig from stage and many things more. We all had a "free, loose with no musts time" with In Flames and Port Noir.. It was totally Awesome, hard to explain. Im truely sorry for all fans that missed it.

Now to the fotos.  Stones some, I took some, and our friend Micke Sandström took some excellent fotos. Here we go!
A picture just before....

...and after.

Björn is trying to touch the light.

Now to Micke Sandströms fotos

More info @ Homesite

Ladys and Gents, Here is In Flames, with one of their tunes from the album "Reroute To Remain"
This tune was also on the setlist this evening!

Setlist from Debaser:

Embody the Invisible
Bullet Ride
Crawl Through Knives
The Quiet Place
Where the Dead Ships Dwell
Cloud Connected
Fear Is the Weakness
Only for the Weak
Deliver Us
The Mirror's Truth
Take This Life
My Sweet Shadow

Cheers, Thetania

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Chief Rebel Angel said...

Brutalt bra gig. Tänk, attman fick vara där!!!

Stones said...

Ett fantastiskt gig!

Thetania said...

Magiskt!!! :D