Sunday, 13 May 2012

Saturnalia Temple - Black Magic Metal

Saturnalia Temple, one of the support acts for Jex Thoth the other day, a band that was born out of the occult musical vein. Inspired by the diabolic inner experiences, full of energetic psychedelic trips in the cold northern climate.

Musically deep down in the late sixties / early seventies, a sort of Black Magic Rock, Heavy Metal, Psychedelia built on deep drone, doom riffing. The gig was a real experience, stepping into their temple and carried away in their drawling doom riffs. After about a half hour had passed, it felt like five minutes, and it was time for them to step down, I realized that I need more of this and went to their merch and bought the record, on the spot (on Vinyl of course), it has spun a few turns now :)

UR - Demo - 2007
Saturnalia Temple - EP - 2009
On the Powers of the Sphinx - Split - 2010
Aion of Drakon - Full-length - 2011

Here are some pictures from the Gig!

Todays tune "Black Magic Metal" is taken from the full-length album "Aion of Drakon" - 2011

Black Metal Magic - Live at Roadburn 2012

Full Show with Saturnalia Temple, Live at Debaser Slussen, Stockholm SWEDEN on May 7, 2012


Aion Of Drakon
Black Magic Metal
Babylon Gnosis
Dreamin' Out Of Death
Sitra Ahra Ruled Solitary Before The Creation
To Know

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Official Saturnalia Temple MySpace
Official Saturnalia Temple Facebook

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Spader Ess said...

Helt nytt för mig, men jäklars vad skönt. Tack för tipset.

Stones said...

Vassego, kul att du gillar dem.

Anonymous said...

GReat stuff!!!

Vissetopp said...

Detta Krossar ALLT!