Monday 12 June 2017

Avararium - Hurricanes and Halos

Monday, New Week, time to introduce "Record Of The Week"

Swedish metallers AVATARIUM, fronted by Jennie-Ann Smith, have launched their third full-length opus titled "Hurricanes and Halos".

Founded back in 2012’s by CANDLEMASS mainman and bassist Leif Edling and SOEN guitarist Marcus Jidell, AVATARIUM completed their line-up with keyboardist Carl Westholm, known for his work with CARPTREE, KRUX and JUPITER SOCIETY and drummer Lars Sköld of TIAMAT, beside already mentioned Jennie-Ann Smith, Edling still continues his influence as mentor and creative force, and has written six of the eight new tracks. However, this time Jennie-Ann and Marcus were also strongly involved in the songwriting process, and with the new bass master Mats Rydström.

"Hurricanes and Halos" is a bluesy, 70s influenced quasi-doom rock monster. The album fires off with the killing tune "Into the Fire – Into the Storm", where a powerful voice together with a great guitar work with masterful solos and a hammond organ that makes you weak in every single bone in your body. "The Starless Sleep" (today's tune) is an amazing tune, with superb vocals and a melody that have an convincing catchiness that easily could be a big radio hit in the future. "Road to Jerusalem" is a folksy half pace tune, amazing strumming guitar-work and beautiful vocals. The nine-minute epic "Medusa’s Child" is far out piece with kids sing-alongs, creepy weirdness, shifts between heavy and melodic and progressive old school. Next masterpiece is the "The Sky at the Bottom of the Sea" where the typical Edling trade mark make it's appearance along with psychedelic DEEP PURPLE organs, groovy and very powerful and the vocals make you vibrate of happiness. "When Breath Turns to Air" is a slow thing, a beautiful ballad. "A Kiss (From the End of the World)" is a another great tune with guitars that will flip you over and astonishing Jennie-Ann, it’s remarkably how she with that kind of ease adapts to the overall mood of the songs on the album. The record wraps up melancholy and elegant with the instrumental piece of the title track "Hurricanes and Halos".

Summary: "Hurricanes and Halos" is a very joyful and elegant album, classic, epic and powerful!

Today's tune "The Starless Sleep", second single/video release from "Hurricanes and Halos", enjoy!

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