Monday 5 June 2017

Sólstafir - Berdreyminn

Monday, new week! Time to introduce "Record Of The Week"

"Berdreyminn" is the sixth and latest release from the four Icelanders SÓLSTAFIR. A band that I really admire SÓLSTAFIR, a band that delivers amazing music over and over again. "Berdreyminn", as its title "a dreamer of forthcoming events" aptly describes. Is another absolute epic release. An atmospheric haunting cracker in typical SÓLSTAFIR manner where they emulate all styles to their own mix in a perfect way, psychedelic phases, as well as strong undercurrents of classic rock and hard rock with echoes of their metal past.

"Berdreyminn" is a soundtrack full of atmospheric cathartic tunes that will drag you out from your daily routines and move you to the Icelandic plains. The album runs for almost 60 mins, with an average tune time of 7-8 minutes. "Berdreyminn" is a where bold experimentalism is mixed with transient windy riffs, amazing melodic spaces and explosive power. This is a work of art, depth droney guitars, sentimental pianos and prismatic crescendos that converge beyond the five bodily senses. With "Berdreyminn", SÓLSTAFIR pushes it to the next level of their creativity.

The album starts off very strong with "Silfur-Refur"(today's tune) and the new-wave intro that moves over to an hard-rock groove in "Ísafold", is a lovely start of the album. A sentimental piano starts of the beauty "Hvít Sæng" with an melancholy sad vocal starts before the tune takes the next step and risen the tempo. "Dýrafjörður" continues with the piano in a slow and atmospheric approach with beautiful strings. "Blájfall" is the final destination on the album. "Berdreyminn" is an really enjoyable and impressive journey.

"Berdreyminn" is produced by Birgir Birgirsson (SIGUR RÓS, ALCEST) and Jaime Gomez Arellano (GHOST, PARADISE LOST, ORANSSI PAZUZU)

Summary: "Berdreyminn" is an impressive album!

Today's tune "Silfur-Refur" is taken from the new album "Berdreyminn". Directed by Nico Poalillo & Peter Beste, Cinematography by Nico Poalillo

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