Monday, 26 June 2017

The Grand East - Movano Camerata

Monday, New week, time to introduce "Record of the Week".

This week we have an amazing blues rock album from the Netherlands.

A band that call them self THE GRAND EAST and their debut album "Movano Camerata".

"Movano Camerata" is a pretty varied album, but the basics is classic blues rock and influences that range from psychedelic mysticism from THE DOORS to Southern THE CULT rock, Hill Billy Country and New Orleans Soul to freaking madness of CAPTAIN BEEFHEART. The music is raw with a big heart, the soulful intensity will totally blind you. The album opener "Kiss The Devil" is like a bowling ball, runs with straight focus and big goal true the newly oiled lane before your legs go like ninepins in a strike. "Rabbits & Children" is an beauty, nicely guitar playing with a soulful "Ian Astbury" vocals, at times it dropps it's foothold and flies like a swarm of bees. "Frogs" is a more definite song, with a clear direct vocal character. "Salt Water Love pt 1" is a classic blues stomper. "Troubled Mind" is another tune to the more classic old school blues, where the vocals hymns true the tune, a real beauty. "Water" sounds almost like THE DOORS, really cool tune where the bass lines gets it shine of light. "Dark Man" continues on the path of THE DOORS. "Dreaming" is more back to the blues, a jam with a distinct hammond sound, soulful vocals. "Golden Watch" could been picked from Twin Peaks, great horns that fills out the melody. "Wanna Have Some Fun", hammond, guitars and bluesy drums is the main in this more straight forward tune. The album closes with bluesy folkish "Walk Those Pretty Legs"

The band consists of:

Arthur Akkermans | Vocals
Joris van den Berg | Hammond
Niek Cival | Guitar
Teun Eijsink | Bass
Imanishi Kleinmeulman | Drums

Sum: This is an "Mandatory purchase" if you are into blues rock.

Today's tune "Kiss The Devil" is the first single of the debut album "Movano Camerata". Enjoy!

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