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Luna Sol - December

New week, time for a new Record Of The Week!

This week we have a high mountain stoner rock band LUNA SOL, fronted by veteran singer and lead guitarist David Angstrom (HERMANO, SUPAFUZZ). Angstrom moved to the mountains just north of Denver in 2012 and started soaking in the strange but relaxed mountain communities around him. Inspired by the local news and folklore, Angstrom started writing the songs that would become “Blood Moon” and put together LUNA SOL with local musicians, drummer Pat Gill (THE FEDS, ’76 PINTO), guitarist and vocalist Shanda Kolberg (THE SWANKS), and bassist and vocalist Shannon Fahnestock (THE SWINDLERS).

The first turn with Blood Moon was with very limited information, a great stoner album on a note what I had. "KYUSS", jesus! Was the first thing that hits me. Then I found out that it's David Angstrom new band :) Also notice that John Garcia is singing on one song so I guess that was the cause my judgement. Anyway...

Blood Moon is a real rocker, stoner rock with a heavy southern rock vibe. It sways in a hypnotic desert way. From the first riff-heavy tune to the last, very freaking high quality tunes and an excellent production that makes this record even more fun to listen to. The tunes are cleaver, slow and dreamy with really strong good-old-fashioned songs.

Blood Moon starts of with a real strutter "Bridges", softish guitar with some cool licks along with a heavy bass kicks it off, the tune accelerate until it's time for Angstrom crunchy vocal to make it's mark. Excellent start of the album. The album continues with slower grunge like "Death Mountain"and the happy smile is on and the volume is going up a bit.

The 3:rd track "December" where John Garcia (VISTA CHINO, HERMANO, KYUSS) adds vocal on is a dirty piece about snowing in December! "Leadville"is a marvellous tune with a great groove. Nick Oliveri (VISTA CHINO, KYUSS, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE) plays bass on "Pretty Rotten", that is a real monster, up-tempo with heavy riffing with cocaine eyes. "Operator" slows down but gets even heavier and adds in a bit psychedelia. "Standley Lake" and "Your War" are two tunes that have a spiced up the stoner with some blues and more clean singing. Excellent guitar work and the Hammond part on the "Your War". The album ends up with "In The Shadows"

Songs "Leadville", "Standley Lake" and "Death Mountain" all come with stories from Angstrom that seem like bizarre mountain folklore, like cautionary tales read to children in books with colorful drawings. Angstrom clearly loves the morbid strangeness with a fascinated curiosity of his new homeland and shares it with us here on Blood Moon. 

The album was recorded at Sierra Estates in Colorado, and the album artwork was designed by celebrated Denver tattoo artist Christel Perkins of Sol Tribe. The basic tracks were finished in a week, and in keeping with the long-standing tradition of the stoner and desert rock communities, members of the Luna Sol extended family tree contributed additional elements to the recording.   Dean Smith (SUPAFUZZ) supports with playing the bass "Bridges", Dandy Brown (HERMANO, ORQUESTRA DEL DESIERTO) is playing the bass and Greg Martin (KENTUCKY HEADHUNTERS) contributes with slide guitar on "Death Mountain". John Garcia (VISTA CHINO, HERMANO, KYUSS) adds vocal "December",  Nick Oliveri (VISTA CHINO, KYUSS, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE) plays bass on "Pretty Rotten", Jason Groves (SUPAFUZZ, ASYLUM ON THE HILL) plays bass on “In the Shadows" and Dizzy Reed (GUNS N’ ROSES) delivers a keys performance on the Hammond B3 for “Your War.”

John Garcia calls “Blood Moon” “a dark twisted ride down the mountain… It rocks.” 

My summary is simple, if you dig KYUSS and QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, then you need this!

LUNA SOL consist of:

Dave Angstrom - Guitar, Vocals
Shanda Kolberg - Guitar, Vocals
Shannon Fahnestock - Bass, Vocals
Pat Gill - Drums

Today's tune "December" taken from "Blood Moon", the video clip is live where LUNA SOL performs "December" at the Marquis Theater, Denver CO on 9/4/2015.

"December" sound clip only!

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