Tuesday 6 December 2011

Asteroids - Silver Leaf

It was Saturday night and me and Stones was heading out, NOT WORKING!!!! Just having a ball and listen to some good music.

We were headed towards Debaser, Slussen and Astroid, Graviators and Abramis Brama. All of em good heavy rock. Astroids are more to hard rock blues jam band and Graviators heavy metal stoner...mayby, and Abramis Brama heavy 70´s rock.

Asteroid is a Swedish band and were formed in Örebro in 2003. They are influenced by bands like Captain Beyond, Pentagram, Black Sabbath and November but also younger and heavier bands such as Kyuss, Corrosion Of Conformity and Big Elf.

I can say they really rocked!!!

The members is:
Robin Hirse on Vocals & Guitar
Johannes Nilsson on Vocals & Bass
Henrik Jansson on Drums

Here is some pics that Stones took.

Okey Lads here is Asteroids!

Peace, Thetania

More info @

Official Asteroid Web
Official Asteroid MySpace

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Anonymous said...

Låter som en kul kväll med bra musik. Avis :)

Thetania said...

Yeap, more to come :D