Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Vektor - Cosmic Cortex


Arizona's new heroes VECTOR made ​​me fall off the chair with its predecessor "Black Future". A unique blend of Technical Thrash and Speed ​​in which progressive clouds welling up as a liniment for the rough carpet of verbal primal scream, coils of jazz fusion that just strokes the cheek.

David DiSanto's voice is unique, an incredible intensity, can not recall that I have ever heard anything like this before and it is fantastic and fits in perfectly.

This is the most stand-out group the Thrash Metal scene right now!

Today's tune "Cosmic Cortex" is the opening track on the album, fasten your seatbelts, here we go!

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Anonymous said...

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Seance said...

Utan den intressanta texten hade jag aldrig tryckt på play! Tack Tune of the Day för denna eminenta upptäckt!!!

Stones said...

Bara kul att dela med sig av ens fyndigheter, denna platta är grymt bra och rekommenderas varmt!