Sunday, 1 May 2016

The Open Mind - Magic Potion

Sunday, time for a classic!

THE OPEN MIND, is a British Freakbeat/Psych band from London are probably most noted for the now legendary track Magic Potion which appeared as a single and later on their much sought after debut album on Philips in 1969. Fortunately this album was re-released on Antar (ANTAR 2) in 1986 and this has made this classic piece of 60s Freakbeat much more accessible to collectors of 60s psychedelia.

The band was formed in the mid 1960s by four musicians from Putney, South London. Initially named The Apaches formed by Tim du Feu, Mike Brancaccio and Philip Fox and their friend Ray Nye. Nye left in 1965 and another friend, Terry Schindler, joined instead. The band became The DRAG SET, who released a little-known single in February 1967, "Day and Night" / "Get Out of My Way". Shortly thereafter, they changed their name to THE OPEN MIND and in July 1969 released a self-titled LP which has since become a highly sought-after collectible. The band, however, is best known for its druggy August 1969 single, "Magic Potion", which did not appear on the album.

THE OPEN MIND disbanded in 1973; its members wanted to move into jazz-influenced music, but THE OPEN MIND was too well known as a psychedelic band. The band members (minus Phil Fox) went on to form ARMADA, which lasted about three years but did not release any recorded material.

Despite their paucity of recorded material, THE OPEN MIND have proven to be influential in the psychedelic rock genre, their single "Magic Potion" having been covered by bands such as THE SEERS and SUN DIAL.

Today's tune "Magic Potion" is taken from the single (7") with the same name, enjoy a trippy piece!

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