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AC/DC - Back In Black

Monday, time to present "Record Of The Week".

This week i will jump back in time. "Back In Black" with AC/DC is a real classic, released almost 36 years ago, on July 25, 1980, the biggest-selling album by Australia's most exalted rock 'n' roll gods arrived less than six months after singer Bon Scott had been found dead after a night of heavy drinking. An album that I could consider to be the first rock 'n' roll / hardrock album that I bought with my own money that I have saved of my after school work on a Video store. I believe I was around 11 years old, did the 5th grade in School and was very interested in movies, so much of my spear time did I hang in local Video store up in the north (this was during the time when the movies was on VHS, Video2000 and Betamax), hehe feels like I'm a real old fart by now. Anyway, I started to get some small assignment to do and in the end he gave me some money for the effort and that I saved. One of the biggest assignments I got was the "Packages" that this store hade, this ment that I had to bicycle over to Finland with packages full of "Erotic" movies that he had sold over postorder. During the period of a few years the amount of turns to the other country increased. The postorder started to get big business for him and I got more work so I had to do several trips a day to the post office. Well in the end it was good for us both, I got some extra money for my effort so I could do what ever I wanted back them, fun as I always had a big love for music, specially rock 'n' roll. I remember back then a tune called "Hells Bells" from an Australian band called AC/DC was played on the radio and I got hooked. So when I had enough money for the album I bought it. It felt awesome that I could spend my hard earning money on a album by my self :) So the first record was "Back In Black" with AC/DC. I still have the copy left, but it's totally worn out, I have probably played this more than I can count.

Started my early days with Elvis Presley, I guess mostly as my mum was a big fan of Elvis, she thought I could be. In the beginning it worked pretty good, but the older I got the tougher the music became, so AC/DC was not quite so popular at home.

The album have so many good tunes beside the classic songs "Hells Bells", "Back In Black", "Shoot To Thrill", "You Shock Me All Night Long" and "Shake A Leg". It's pretty simple but still so cleaver rock riffs that can hook anyone, it just grabbed my soul as a youngster to the next level of music.

Instead of calling it quits, the remaining members decided to soldier on and recruited vocalist Brian Johnson to take Scott’s place. After seven weeks of recording, Back In Black was released in 1980 as a tribute to Scott and would go on to become the second highest selling album of all time.

Today's tune "Hells Bells" is the first track of "Back in Black". "Hells Bells" is the second single from Back in Black, released in the fall of 1980. The song also appears on "Who Made Who", AC/DC's 1986 soundtrack to the Stephen King movie Maximum Overdrive and on both versions of 1992's AC/DC Live.

The song begins with the slow tolling of a bell, followed by an intro played by Angus Young, with Malcolm Young then joining to create the classic Back in Black double-guitar sound, followed by Phil Rudd on drums and Cliff Williams on bass, creating a wall of sound.

The bell used in the song was a 2,000-pound cast bronze bell made by John Taylor Bellfounders in Loughborough, and is a replica of the Denison Bell. The AC/DC logo and "Hells Bell" are engraved on the bell. The band first attempted to record the Denison Bell at the Carillon Tower and War Museum in Leicestershire, England for the song, but this proved insufficient due to the disruption of pigeons nesting in the bell tower.

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