Monday 9 June 2014

Rival Sons - Open My Eyes

New week, time for a new album to represent the "Record Of The Week" This week it will be the latest release from the Long Beach, California blues rockers Rival Sons with the record "Great Western Valkyrie".

Great Western Valkyrie is an album that you must have and I mean that. If I have to compare it with previous releases then this feels like the most elaborate release so far. Each song is a song and not something fuzzy or jam filling to fill up the space on the record, even if the previous records have been really good, I mean excellent then this release is something else.

This one have a great sex appeal, it's timeless with a soul that really will hit you in the forehead, the tunes have great groove that will get you up on the dance floor, if you do not dance then you surely will play air drums or lying on the floor trying to get the riffs right. Rival Sons have done it again and taken us to new places I could never have predicted, but it works a dream!

The album explodes out of the blocks in very similar fashion to Head Down, but this is far better. I feel like Im in heaven when the yellow piece of plastic is spinning on my record player, the volume is getting higher and higher and I guess my neighbours soon will hit the bell and tell me to fuck off!

This time I will not analyse every note, I will leave it to you, so let the album sink in and judge for yourself, reconnect to this with a comment of your impressions.

This traditional black vinyl comes in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with printed inner sleeves. Side D of the vinyl is also etched with the classic Rival Sons wings artwork! That also included for the colour versions, I got the Swedish yellow one and one more that it's in the Air atm.

Todays tune "Open My Eyes" is taken from the latest release. Just listen to the drums and you will hear that John Bonham has risen from his grave and it's a wonderful introduction and sums up the entire album perfectly

Rival Sons doing "Open My Eyes" @ David Letterman, Oct 10, 2014

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