Friday, 13 June 2014

Aerosmith - Livin' On The Edge

Heya there Folks!
Im Back!
Long time no see Duuudes and Duuuudettes!
Ive been livin in the world of gigs and workin me ass off :p
So nice to talk to you again, how are ya all?
Im goodie thx!!

Last week I had some time off,  really nice!!
I went down south of Sweden to Sweden Rock!
A friend of mine is working there so i thought i go down there and pay him a visit.

Gosh there were so many good bands...
Volbeat, Ted Nugent, Saga, Arch Enemy, Tesla, Billy Idol, Within Temptation, Avatarium,
U.D.O and of course Black Sabbath!!

Best of these... Dont kill me but I thought it was Volbeat! Daaamn they did a great concert.

But now I want to tell you about Aerosmith!

I was on a concert that was very special to me..... AEROSMITH!
This was far the best concert ive been at THIS YEAR i really loved to see them..
Every tune was like a dream..

Here I am.. LOVE METAL and harder music, and I Love Aerosmith haha

Well Steve Tylers voice still is Fantastic and Joe Perry is still a cool player!

They had a big stage were Steve was running around on...

I was amazed to see it. They played all the tunes that one knows and I danced like never before.

 Ladys and Gents Here is Aerosmith!

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Stones said...

The concert with Aerosmith was awsome, never thought that would be able to perform that well.