Monday, 2 June 2014

Rainbows Are Free - Waves Ahead Of The Ocean

Monday, time to reveal this weeks "Record Of The Week".

This week I have a real Slamming waves of molten guitar magma named "Waves Ahead Of The Ocean", I am talking about the 5-piece heavy/doom metal band "Rainbows Are Free" from Norman, Oklahoma. They won the 2011 "Woody Award" for "Best Metal Artist" in Oklahoma and again in 2012.

It's classic stoner rock heaviness with moments of doom drone psychedelia and groovy riffage that will get you spinn like a pinball. The second full length blast from these dudes gets me down on the floor with my hands in the air waving and screaming "I Surrender". The vocals from B. Fain Kistler reminds me partly of Ralph Gyllenhammar, the singer in Mustasch, but with more straight forward approach. The guitarists Lucas Watson & Richie Tarver does a hell of a work to keep the riffs up to date. Chad Hogue hits the bass with high-powered punches like it would be his last time and Bobby Onspaugh plays the drums with a really groovy feeling that wraps up the bag.

Todays tune "Waves Ahead Of The Ocean" is the title track from this week's "Record Of The Week" with Rainbow Are Free. This tune is a real stone cold killer with heavy riffiage and groovy baseline.

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Spader Ess said...

Goa grejer det där! Tack för tipset.

Thetania said...

Riktigt bra faktiskt! Kul att du gillart!