Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Avatarium - Into the Fire/Into the Storm

The Swedish Doom Metal band AVATARIUM have released the first tune ”Into the Fire/Into the Storm” the first taste from the upcoming "Hurricanes And Halos". Vintage blues rock and modern doom, beauty and darkness, heavy guitars and fragile ballads that's the sound of Stockholm’s AVATARIUM.

Asked about the album title "Hurricanes And Halos", Jidell contemplates: “In times like these we are constantly reminded how power enables people to do evil in the name of a good cause. Whether there are religious, political or cultural overtones, their goal is always to manipulate and create fear in our hearts”.

Although the key tone of this third full-length release is amazingly catchy with earworms such as the ‘The Starless Sleep’ or ‘The Sky At The Bottom Of The Sea’, the band still relies on a crushing doom atmosphere with a ghostly vibe. Eternal longing and bizarre little snapshot moments like in ‘A Kiss From The End Of The World’ define the lyrics, but it’s the ballad ‘When Breath Turns Into Air’ that has a particularly deep meaning to Marcus and is dedicated to his deceased father:

“My father was the one that no matter what circumstances, never lost hope or faith in me. Growing up in a family where things were quite turbulent at times, he enabled a safe attachment. He was a very gentle and warm-hearted man and I will always miss him. The song is about loss but also about how someone’s spirit can stay with you even though their physical remains are gone.”

The new album was produced by Marcus Jidell himself, while David Castillo (KATATONIA, BLOODBATH, OPETH) recorded and mixed it in the famous Ghost Ward Studios and the mastering was done by Jens Bogren (SOILWORK, SEPULTURA). Together they created an organic and warm sound that sets "Hurricanes and Halos" apart from the overbred, electronically optimized mass:

”A big and fat sound is what we like and we do whatever it takes to get there! AVATARIUM is about pushing boundaries and exploring new grounds”, states string wizard Marcus Jidell and continuous: ”Our focus is not on technical aspects but on landscapes and colours. Diverse emotions, anxieties, defenses and human conditions all find their place in our music. We are aiming to find the human touch, to keep it simple, allow mistakes but also to make it glorious, shining and greater than our own selves.”

The bands master mind Leif Edling is behind 6 of the songs, the rest is made by the singer Jennie-Ann Smith and guitarist Marcus Jidell. The cover is created by Erik Rovanpera and is inspired of the tune "Medusa Child".

Today's tune "Into the Fire/Into the Storm", taken from the upcoming 3:rd studio album "Hurricanes and Halos", set to be release on May 26.

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