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The Baboon Show - Lost You In A Second

THE BABOON SHOW a Swedish punk/garage rock band that gives an extra joy and thrill when it's spinning on the turntable, the band started out in late 2003. A DIY 6-track EP was released in 2004 and they started touring throughout Sweden and made themselves a reputation of being one of Sweden?s best live acts. THE BABOON SHOW signed to the Swedish indie label National and they released their three first albums within one year and seven months! They were played frequently in national radio and television.

THE BABOON SHOW kept on touring and soon they were asked to play abroad as well. Except for Sweden, they have also played in Norway, Finland, Greece, Denmark, Czech Republic, France, Germany, China and Cuba. In Cuba they became so popular that they have been playing there three years in a row! Things really started moving with their fourth and fifth album ”Punk Rock Harbour” and ”People?s Republic of The Baboon Show formerly known as Sweden”, produced by Pelle Gunnerfeldt who has also worked with The Hives and Randy.

They were nominated for several awards in Sweden. Both albums were also released by German label Kidnap Music and the band started touring more often, especially in Germany where the fan base grew bigger and bigger for every time. According to some magazines The Baboon Show is the next big thing! Last year they released their seventh studio album "The World Is Bigger Than You".

Today's tune "Lost You In A Second" featuring Björn Dixgård (Mando Diao), taken from the last album "The World Is Bigger Than You", enjoy!

Upcoming Tourdates:

02.04.17 Karlsruhe – Alte Hackerei
04.04.17 Düsseldorf – Zakk – ZUSATZKONZERT
05.04.17 Erfurt – Stadtgarten Club
14.04.17 Frankfurt/M – AU

supporting BROILERS:

31.03.17 AT – Wien – Gasometer
01.04.17 D – München – Zenith
06.04.17 D – Nürnberg – Arena Nürnberger Versicherung
07.04.17 D – Stuttgart – Schleyer-Halle
08.04.17 D – Kempten – Big Box
13.04.17 D – Bremen – ÖVB Arena
15.04.17 D – Frankfurt am Main – Festhalle

festivals 2017

27.05.17 D – Kiel – Festival Contre Le Racisme
09.06.17 – 10.06.17 D – Rottershausen – Und ab geht die Lutzi! Festival
01.07.17 D – Würzburg – Mission Ready Festival
13.07.17 – 15.07.17 D – Glaubitz – Back To Future Festival
09.08.17 – 13.08.17 D – Eschwege – Open Flair Festival
12.08.17 D – Hamburg – Sommer in Altona

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