Sunday, 9 April 2017

Bardo Pond - Tommy Gun Angel

Sunday, time for a classic.

We continue in the prickly, noisy, psychedelic and generally messed up music. That messy music can have such an impact on the human body is right peerless, good in cleansing of the mess that have been stuck there for some time.

So for some Sunday music I think the American psychedelic rock band BARDO POND will suit fine. There music is a messy mix of space rock, acid rock, post-rock, shoegazing, noise and psychedelic rock, droning guitars, thick distortion, feedback, reverb, and washes of white noise.

BARDO POND was formed in 1991 and contains of the current members are Michael Gibbons (guitar), John Gibbons (guitar), Isobel Sollenberger (flute and vocals), Clint Takeda (bass guitar) and Jason Kourkounis (drums). Some BARDO POND album titles have been derived from the names of esoteric psychedelic substances. Their sound has been likened to PINK FLOYD, SPACEMEN 3 and MY BLOODY VALENTINE amongst others.

Today's tune "Tommy Gun Angel" is taken from the third album "Lapsed". It was released on October 21, 1997 on Matador Records. "Tommy Gun Angel" as written by and John Gibbons Joe Culver.

Here they perform it live at ATP Iceland 3rd July 2015

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