Saturday, 11 February 2017

Strängen - Bangatan

”Strängen” (The String) or as Robert Dahlqvist (16 April 1976 – February 2017) was a Swedish guitarist and vocalist best known for his tenure with the rock band THE HELLACOPTERS. He was also the lead singer and guitarist in THUNDER EXPRESS (DUNDERTÅGET), a band originally started as a side project to his work with THE HELLACOPTERS. At the time of his death, aged 40, Dahlqvist had nearly completed his first solo album.

It’s with big sadness to say goodbye to ”Strängen”. I hardly knew him, I met him on several occasions, a really good man, always pleasant, arrived and greeted, chatted happily about the discs which was our common interest. During the last year, was invited to his "Vinyl Club" as he had at home, an opportunity to share music and play music. A very nice initiative of string, a meeting that I looked forward, a meeting that unfortunately will never occur. Strängen was a real rocker, something we needed in this strange up fucked world. I would like to say something to avoid speculation, He did not kill himself, he died of an accident.

One of his best friend wrote an very good article about him in the Swedish newspaper SVD Read it.

Today’s tune ”Bangatan” was a single from his ”upcoming” (dunno if it’s ever going to be released) album. And as Stefan Sundström said about the tune.

Listen to the string and listen to the alarm bells from Bangatan. Four Horsemen ride down the lamb and soon break the seventh seal. Hallelujah and Hail Rock n 'Roll! Smash all prejudices!

CREDITS, Directed & Edited by Emil Klinta, DOP & Grade: Johan Forsberg, VFX: Joakim Millqvist, Sound FX: Per Laxvik Melodibyrån

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