Monday, 22 August 2016

Negură Bunget - Nametenie

In the middle of last week I did a quick trip to Romaina for some work at Bucovina Rock Castle, an old castle where the festival was placed in the wall grave next to ruins of the castle, odd, creepy and very black metal (:

During the evening a few Romainan bands played and one of them caught my attention. The Romania's NEGURĂ BUNGET. A band that fuse folk music from their home country with the grim musical stylings of black metal.

NEGURĂ BUNGET originally formed at the end of 1994 under the name WICCAN REDE, as a duo of NEGRU (Gabriel Mafa) on drums and HUPOGRAMMOS DISCIPLE (Edmond Karban) on guitars, vocals, and keyboards. Both musicians had previously been members of MAKROTHUMIA. WICCAN REDE released one demo, 1995's From Transilvanian Forests, before changing their name to NEGURĂ BUNGET. In a 2004 interview, Negru explained the symbolism of the name:

"NEGURĂ BUNGET is a black fog coming from a deep dark dense forest. The name tries to picture somehow the kind of atmosphere, both musical and spiritual we'd want to create through our music. It has also an esoteric nature, standing for the inexpressible parts of our ideology. The two words are also from the Tracic substrate of the Romanian language (the oldest one, containing about 90 words) as the interest for our local history and spirituality is something of crucial importance and meaning for us as a band".

Today's tune "Nametenie" is taken from the sixth studio album Tău, released on February 27, 2015, by Lupus Lounge, a sublabel of Prophecy Productions.

When it was first announced in 2013, the album was listed as the first part of a planned "Transilvanian Trilogy".

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