Monday, 7 October 2019

Monolord - No Comfort

Monday, new week, time to introduce "Record of The Week".

Gothenburg and Sweden's finest doomish sludge troupe MONOLORD have returned with their fourth album "No Comfort", released on September 20th via Relapse Records. MONOLORD has been on here pretty frequently over the years, the 2014’s "Empress Rising" (review here), 2015’s "Vænir" (review here) and 2017’s "Rust" (review here) and "Fairies Wear Boots" (here) and now it's time for the fourth album.

"No Comfort" is a heavy piece of work, sludgy doomed and lightly psychedelic and one thing is for sure it's a "No Comfort" for pop or indie peeps or hip-hoppers, but this is true comfort for any doomheads around this world. It's slow and massive with hazy vocals and minimalist and heavy ponderous riffs and partly very melodic, almost hypnotic and grabs a firm grip on the listener.

Once again they released a six-track mammoth album, the magic six-track have been the MONOLORD standard on the last three releases. On "No Comfort" the six tunes are all sharing the playtime of forty-seven minutes, this divided by six is an average of nearly eight minutes, pretty long tunes indeed. The album starts with the fat and grinding riffs in a classic MONOLORD way in "The Bastard Son", you instantly recognize the meditative pattern. "The Last Leaf" really opens up the soul in these gents, fat bass licks flow straight through the tune like a bursting oil pump and the melodic psychedelic guitar chorus in the middle of the tune, a sound that is piercing a hole in my heart all the way to the end. My breath is almost out and I'm totally exhausted before the gentle sound of the guitar playing that opens up the gentle "Larvae", a half pace tune that slowly rises into a heavy doom piece with some classic NWOBHM riffs and suffering groovy bassline and after almost eight minutes is closes up with a monotone duel riffing. "Skywards" is full of energy with groovy and melodic riffing in a great atmosphere. "Alone Together", monotone low-end bassline and atmospheric guitar make this beauty a memorable tune. The album closes up the eleven-minute title track "No Comfort", painfully rueful clean vocals and slow chugging colossal riffs make this an epic ending.

This album may be more polished than before with improved production quality instead of recorded it in the living room. But that does not mean that MONOLORD has forgotten how to create magic and that they show greatly through "No Comfort", and an excellent album art work is just another star in the book.

Sum: BANG! MONOLORD did it again.

 Mika Häkki - Bass
Esben Willems - Drums
Thomas Jäger - Guitar and Vocals

Today's tune "The Last Leaf" is taken from the album "No Comfort", the video is freaking stunning, enjoy!

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