Friday, 26 February 2016

Biters - 1975

I wanna lose my mind
I wanna rock'n'roll all night
Like it's 1975
When all the kids were cool
And breakin' all the rules

Last summer did the Atlanta base rock band BITERS release their debut album "Electric Blood". A band where the biggest influences are CHEAP TRICK, ALICE COOPER and THIN LIZZY, witch part of it is reflected in their own music. The band has been hailed by both fans, journalists and bands like GREEN DAY, MASTODON and even Nikki Sixx (MÖTLEY CRUE)!

Today's tune "1975" is the new single/video from the debut album and on the Februari 29th they will give a show at Debasers Strand here in Stockholm.

Today's tune "1975" is taken form "Electric Blood", the video is Directed, Shot, and Edited by: Video Rahim, Produced by: Ashley Simpson and Tuk Smith, 2nd Unit Camera and Gaffer: Stewart Love, Stylist: Sarah Burtch, Makeup Artist: Zoe Simone Bulboff, Hair: Ashley Salisbury Production Assistants: Beena Miller and Tony Schott, Smith’s Olde Bar Lighting Technician and Playback: Hans Furman Graphics by: Alex Hagen, Casting by: Tuk Smith, Song produced by: Dan Dixon


Jayda Abello as Veronica Vicious
Katie Campbell as Suzi Cyclops
Kristina Guede as Sweet Baby One Punch
Ava Holsinger as Lita Loveless
Michelle King as Taco

The Biters as The Disco Bitches
Matt Gabs as Mangelica Houston and the nerd
Philip Kross as Buffalo Jill and the hippie
Joey O’Brien as Gina Doll and the dealer
Tuk Smith as RuPaul Stanley and Dino “Body Bags” Deluca

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