Monday, 11 February 2019

The Sabbathian - Latum Alterum

Monday, time to introduce "Record Of The Week".

"Latum Alterum" is the second album from the Norwegian/American entity THE SABBATHIAN, the follow up to their debut EP "Ritual Rites" in 2014.

THE SABBATHIAN is a collaboration between the multi-instrumentalist Chad Davis (HOUR OF 13), vocalist Anette Uvaas Gulbrandsen (NÀTTSÒL) and Joey Downs.

Doom and heavy riffs, haunting tunes with beautifully vocals is the main theme of "Latum Alterum". The album have a dark, gothic almost occultish atmosphere, a step away from the origins of doom metal and towards the heavier vistas traversed by Nordic metalmongers such as BATHORY or CANDLEMASS. The album title is in latin, if I'm not wrong it means "How to summon spirits from the other side", correct me if I am out on thin ice here. Musically the album is very well made, have a solid doom foundation for Anette to stand on. The album mostly keeps the marching pace except for the more blackened tune "Liti Kiersti" where the vocals have a folkish approach. "The Brightest Light" have a really beautifully vocals in the gothic metal doom harmoney that Chad streamers up. "Head Of A Traitor" is heavy piece, over 9 minutes of heavy doomish noise in a straight forward pace and features guest vocals from Liv Kristine (MIDNATTSOL, ex-LEAVES EYES). In the more classic doom tune "Embrace The Dark" that retains the sound of the EP, excellent vocals and a stunning guitar work. The intro "Requiem" and outro in the last part of "Evig Hvile" are meant as a way of blessing the souls on their journey. "Latum Alterum" is giving you as a listener over 44 minutes of accessible crunchy gloomy gothic blackened doom, this is definitely a must have, for fans of of doom and black metal.

Sum: This is a solid powerful blackened gothic doom album.

Today's tune "Liti Kjersti", is taken from "Latum Alterum", enjoy!

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